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Deepa Gulrukh Patel

I’m once again at that place in the journey of life where I think I need to make a choice about which direction to take. My mind is buzzing with the usual questions: What if… read more »



Spiritual Inquiry

Sirr al-Basir / Lee Irwin

One challenge in spiritual development is finding a path, a dedicated way through a thicket of possibilities in a social context of pluralism and remarkable diversity. Such a path is a combination of beliefs, practices, and personal relationships that lead to a meaningful way of life, one that fully supports one’s deepest values and desires. read more »

Listening to the Hidden Heart of Seeds

Angela Fischer

Initiated by physicist and environmental leader Vandana Shiva, and compiled and edited by The Global Peace Initiative of Women, Sacred Seed offers contemplative essays from 34 spiritual leaders and practitioners on the sanctity of the seed. "Every seed carries a secret. We will never come to fully know this secret, because it belongs to the mystery of creation. Yet we can learn again what hundreds of generations did before us, namely to live with the secrets, to use them as gifts, and to honour them as a source of life on this planet." read more »

Inviting Your Participation in the New Year

Rabia Povich

As we move into a new year, I want to express deep gratitude for the many people who have brought Seven Pillars to this stage. Thanks go to the people who have generously offered their time and talents to build bridges and establish partnerships to support our collective exploration about the meaning of wisdom in our time. Thanks to all those who have facilitated conversations, written articles, offered artwork, attended gatherings and made financial contributions. read more »

The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom ebook has Arrived

AVAILABLE NOW :: Our groundbreaking eBook, "The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom," has been officially released in the iTunes Bookstore! Inspired by the revolutionary illuminated manuscripts of the 5th and 6th centuries, this cutting edge, "multi-touch" eBook not only combines text and image, but also original music, narration, video, and graphical animation. read more »

The Power of Community

Thank You for Supporting Seven Pillars!

Our eBook campaign on Indiegogo closed at 11:59pm Pacific time last night, having raised $8800 from 140 donors! In addition, we have received some donations via mail over the past few weeks. These additional gifts bring our total to approximately $9500. Wow! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who showed your support by making a donation! read more »

29 Voices of the eBook

Meet the Editorial Team & Contributors

To help give you a sense of the expertise that has been tapped to execute this extraordinary project, we would like to tell you a little about some of the members of the Editorial Team and other luminaries who have helped bring our "illuminated e-Manuscript" to life. Whether it be contributing to the eBook text, creating original music, laboring over the graphical animations or engineering the overall eBook design, these individuals are worthy of your support! read more »

Sacred Geography Gallery Series

Paul Devereux

GALLERY TWO: THE SHAMANIC LANDSCAPES OF DEATH VALLEY :: In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place. (Image: Paul Devereux. The setting sun bathes a Death Valley ridge in golden light.) read more »

Creativity Unleashed

e-Notebook: March 2014

In this comprehensive web feature we explore *Creative Expression,* one of Seven Pillars' three Pathways. Within, you will find pieces by Tobin Hart, Denise Boston and Lee Irwin. Also included is a rich multimedia presentation highlighting how the performing arts community in Los Angeles has imaginatively explored the process of The Seven Pillars. Lastly, we are delighted to announce the first of a series of weekend programs that explore The Seven Pillars at the Abode conference center in New Lebanon, New York this summer. read more »

Paul Devereux’s Sacred Geography Series

Gallery Two: The Shamanic Landscapes of Death Valley

In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place.

One of the least-known examples of ancient sacred geography is to be found in Death Valley, California. This place is so remote and arid it is easy to understand why few people would ever guess that it harbors a shamanic cartography marked by ritual pathways, shrines, vision quest beds, and curious sinuous lines and weird patterns of rocks. see the gallery »

Exploring Pillar Two: The Living Universe

On Tuesday, January 14th, Seven Pillars, in partnership with the Sufi Order International, hosted a special screening of the award-winning documentary, Journey of the Universe, followed by a conversation between Guiding Voice and guest Sister Miriam MacGillis & Seven Pillars' Founder and Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat-Khan. read more »

Sacred Harvest

e-Notebook: November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Are there two words more welcoming and heartfelt? In this edition, we take a look at what really lies at the core of this holiday with an exceprt from "Bless this Food: Ancient & Contemporary Graces from Around the World," a gallery of recipes from "Grould Farm Cookbook & Recipes: A Hundred Years of Good Food" and an article by Robert Karp titled "Agriculture and the Sacred." We would also like to invite you to Seven Pillars Holiday Open House! read more »

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