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2013 Season of Giving

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I think the real difficulty is that we have developed a culture that only sees the outer
world. It has become so intrinsic to our consciousness that the general culture has no
understanding of the inner worlds, nor any framework to explore them.

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your year-end support toward the work of Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. In this season of giving, I would like to share with you some of the reasons why a tax-deductible donation to Seven Pillars is meaningful—for our organization and for the world.

While there exist a number of holistic, social transformation organizations that feature a core of spiritual inquiry scattered around North America, Seven Pillars is distinguished for having over the past several years painstakingly developed a potent framework and methodology for such “change-making.” This past year we have launched The Seven Pillars Process (see below flier), as well as The Seven Pillars Pathways. The Process invites exploration and the Pathways provide essential tools to carry one through the Process.

Transformation of consciousness lacks substance if it doesn’t lead to a transformation of how one acts in the world. The Seven Pillars Process and Pathways have been carefully designed to accomplish both, and to proactively build a culture where the “inner” and “outer” worlds described by Guiding Voice member Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee above are not only valued, but are seen as essential to addressing the social and ecological challenges of the day. As part of their formal launch, in 2013 we began “road testing” the Process and Pathways (P2) through a series of innovative programs. These include the creation of a multi-touch electronic book series; groundbreaking transformances (“transformational performances”) featuring world-renowned performance artists at sold-out venues in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as more intimate “focus group” events; and the expansion of our website’s multimedia capacity that has allowed for a richer presentation of ideas and artwork inspired by the P2.

To support these initiatives, we have been able to increase our operating revenue by 20% over last year by attracting additional grant funding as well as through our first-ever crowdfunding campaign, which exceeded its goal of $15,000 and included 140 contributors.

As we complete this first year of road testing and focus groups, and look toward 2014, we have ambitious plans to:

  • Launch our first multi-touch eBook, entitled The Seven Pillars, which features original graphical animation, video, and audio combined with inspiring text and imagery
  • Offer a series of weekend residential programs that explore the P2 led by members of our Wisdom Council and others, that will take place at the conference site of our home office, the Abode of the Message, in New Lebanon, New York
  • Expand our web offerings to provide online programs exploring the P2
  • Launch our new Searching for Sophia project, that uses the Process, the Pathways and aspects of pilgrimage (P3!) to explore and re-enchant the urban landscape
  • Introduce the P2 to an international audience through an inaugural program in Europe, organized by our Paris-based coordinating team

Your contribution to our end-of-year campaign will support these initiatives and more. Please give generously today. Every donation, regardless of size, provides us with extremely valuable financial and moral support.

:: G I V E   H E R E ::


Our sincere blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season,

Laurie Lane-Zucker
Executive Director

P.S. Please use this link to make your gift through our easy, secure online system or send a check to Seven Pillars, P.O. Box 82, New Lebanon, New York 12125.


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18 December 2013

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