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A Letter of Gratitude

Reflections on Seven Pillars' "Pillars of Sophia" Benefit Concert

Lori Hanau

In early January, I was invited to a Benefit Concert to support Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. As soon as I opened the beautiful invitation at my mailbox, I felt a strong, clear call to show up.  When I walked through the loft door and entered the Benefit on January 30, 2013, I became even more connected to a deep sense of honor and gratitude for being there.
I experienced everything at a high resonance of quality, care and humility. This began with the stunning environment we were in, and included the absolutely stellar group of musicians and vocalists who performed on our behalf, the impeccability of the whirling dervish Aziz of the Mevlevi Sufi Order, the way the evening was designed to give us a visceral experience of collective wisdom, the generosity of the loft owners, and the thoughtfulness of Laurie Lane-Zucker and Corin Lee Girard of Seven Pillars.
I have rarely been with a group that was as successful at creating an evening experience that was so embodied in and aligned with the mission and teachings of the organization. I had invited a small handful of family and friends to join me for the evening and learn more about Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. We were sitting in different parts of the room, and as I looked around throughout the evening, I received many mouthed “thank yous” from my friends and family holding their hands to their hearts.
I am excited to be in a budding relationship with this wonderful organization. I feel that the call to living wisdom is the call of our time and the call of all time. I am so proud to be a part of and support Seven Pillars House of Wisdom’s commitment to help create a more harmonious and thriving world by building a community of fellow seekers who are cultivating a living wisdom that touches people’s hearts, minds and actions. I hope to meet you there!
With blessings and deep regard,
Lori Hanau
Global Round Table Leadership

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Lori Hanau is a facilitator, advisor, community builder and founder of Global Round Table Leadership based in Keene, NH. Drawing from her background in business and the lenses of whole systems, humanity and collective wisdom, Lori works with clients to build healthy, collaborative relationships and work environments. Lori is the co-founder of the Mindfulness Practice Center in Keene, NH and acts as Community Builder and faculty member for Marlboro College Graduate School’s MBA program “Managing for Sustainability.” She is also honored to serve on the Advisory Boards for the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance, Peace Day Live, the Of Many Institute at the NYU Center for Spiritual Life and on the Board of Directors of the Social Venture Network. For more information, please visit

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11 April 2013

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