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A Planetary Consciousness

Excerpt from Apprenticed to Spirit

David Spangler

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In 1976, the Canadian government commissioned the Todds to build a bioshelter on Prince Edward Island.  It was a demonstration project to prove the viability of the concept, and one of its attractive features was that it generated enough electricity through its own internal systems to feed power back to the island’s energy grid.

When the bioshelter was complete, John and Nancy invited me to come to lead a ritual of blessing the building.  It was a festive occasion, with then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and some of his government officials on hand as well as a great many of the islanders.  Two things stand out in my memory of that day.

One was seeing Prime Minister Trudeau walking alone across the lawn and feeling a surge of admiration and affection for him.  I wanted to tell him how much I honored him and appreciated his work.  Without thinking about it, I ran up behind him and touched him on the shoulder.  He whirled around, a startled expression on his face, and I apologized for coming up behind him in that way and said that I’d just wanted to catch him to tell him of my admiration for him.  He was very gracious. But I chuckled inwardly later when I realized that had I run up behind an American President in a similar fashion, I probably would have found myself face down on the lawn with a pile of Secret Service agents on top of me.  I appreciated the openness and accessibility of the Canadian Prime Minister.

The other memory is of the bioshelter itself.  By the time the ceremony and blessing and speeches were over, it was evening.  The building was brightly lit both with candles for the occasion and with lights powered by its own self-generated electricity.  Wanting a moment of solitude, I wandered away to the edge of a bluff that overlooked the ocean.  Turning around, I was stunned by the beauty and wonder of what I saw.  The bioshelter was literally ablaze with light, looking for all the world like some radiant otherworldly temple from a higher plane transplanted onto the earth.  The building was a beautiful design architecturally anyway, but in that moment, lit up against the darkening night sky, it became transcendent.

In that moment, I thought, “This is planetary consciousness embodied.  This is what it’s about.”  For we all live in the bioshelter called Earth, and for humanity and the world both to thrive, we need to be partners, just as the people living in the bioshelter there on the island were partners with the organism that was their home.  There in that shining building was the spirit of a possible future, the future that John and his colleagues, as well as multitudes of other people and beings on both sides of the veil were working so hard to bring into manifestation, a future of wholeness, of love, of emergence, of partnership.  It was the spirit of the Gaian idea wrought in stone and wood, glass and plastic, and in that moment, truly radiant with light and the fullness of possibility.

David Spangler is an internationally known spiritual teacher and writer, and was instrumental in helping establish the Findhorn Foundation community in northern Scotland in the late 1960’s early 1970’s. Since then David has traveled widely within the United States and Canada giving classes, workshops and lectures. His themes have included the emergence of a holistic culture, the nature of personal sacredness, our participation in a coevolving, co-creative universe, partnering, and working with spiritual realms, our responsibility to the earth and to each other, the spiritual nature and power of our individuality, and our calling to be of service at this crucial time of world history. Many of these themes come together in his primary work, which is the development of a spiritual perspective and practice called Incarnational Spirituality.

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1Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, United Kingdom
2A non-physical being Spangler was mentored by and partnered with for 27 years.

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6 August 2012

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