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Art and the Restoration of a Unified Field of Knowledge

Michael Green

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Michael Green, a long-time student of Sufi master M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, is interested in revivifying the medieval arts of illumination, and is responsible (along with Coleman Barks) for The Illuminated Rumi, as well as its sequel One Song • A New Illuminated Rumi, and The Illuminated Prayer. Green lives and works in rural Pennsylvania, and is converting a barn once used by Buffalo Bill Cody into a studio and gallery.

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  • Michael Green has created a meditation piece on the most pressing necessity confronting contemporary man — rediscovering the unified field of knowledge known by the ancients.  Would that his article could be translated into the many tongues of our “split universe”  and reprinted as a stand-alone pamphlet for distribution Everywhere – schools, places of worship, markets. Imagine people tucking this little jewel into their school notebooks or shopping bags! Michael Green embodies the truth he asserts— that our “collective knowledge and insight continue to expand and illuminate the mystery of Being.”  Meditating on his words and images, you know he speaks truth when he says the river of sanity is flowing and gaining strength.

    — Cynthia Poten on May 2, 2010

  • Deepest appreciation for this blog entry!!!! I believe Michael’s visionary visual language is prayer and for those of us who feel the subtle gifts of spirit in the visual realms and active imagination will gain much richness and inspiration as I have been doing since Michael’s 1st book on the Mac did for me 20 years ago. Growing up with Be here Now and Seed and The road maps of creativity are now deepening and michael is a prophet ! Thank you the blog editors for this work. Jung said his axioms for active imagination are Allow the image in and follow it . I am taking this to heart and soon to be launched will be…a new web 2.0 resource for healing through visual imagination. Namaste Said

    PS. and again Michael , Your Guru, Guru Bawa a master of inspiration ignites your vision Blessings!

    — Said Osio on May 17, 2010

27 April 2010

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