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Creativity Unleashed

e-Notebook: March 2014

“The amazing thing is that every action we take actually activates the world, setting the forces of creation in motion,” writes Tobin Hart in the first of several pieces in this edition of Seven Pillars’ eNotebook that address the role and value of Creative Expression, one of Seven Pillars’ three Pathways. Denise Boston shares how expressive arts therapy can improve “the treatment and quality of life for individuals who live with serious mental illnesses as well as people who struggle with traumatic life events such as hunger and food insecurity, cultural stigmatization, and social trauma.” And Lee Irwin, a Seven Pillars’ Wisdom Council member, shares his poignant reflections on the relationship between creativity and love.

Also featured is a rich multimedia presentation highlighting three recent examples of how the performing arts community in Los Angeles has imaginatively explored the process of The Seven Pillars. Finally, we are delighted to announce the first of a series of weekend programs that explore The Seven Pillars at the Abode conference center in New Lebanon, NY.


Song of Creation
by Tobin Hart

The drive to express ourselves, to create in the world, is an innate need like beauty, love, and the search for truth. It seems almost biological, like the need for food and water. In the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, deprived of nearly every- thing, many prisoners composed songs, wrote poetry, and even found ways to paint. A concentration camp survivor himself, Victor Frankl suggested that these were meaning-making activities but ones that were not so much consciously planned as spontaneous outpourings from that deep current, that creative impulse.

...As a young boy, Native American elder Black Elk had visions that would shape his life and the life of his tribe. But in and of themselves, the visions were not enough. Black Elk reported that for a person who has a vision, you do not get the full power of that vision until you walk it out on the earth for people to see. The power and medicine comes both to us and to the world when we bring forth our authentic voice and take action in the world. Read the article…


Expressive Arts Therapy: Responding to Traumatic and Emotional Experiences
by Denise Boston

As a little girl growing up in Baltimore, MD, I loved using dance, music, reading, and dramatic play to express myself.  At the age of twelve, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Bedridden with my knees filled with fluid, swollen, and painful to touch, I spent months in the hospital unable to be the energetic and vibrant child I was known to be. What I owe my recovery to was a supportive family and community, and my creative resources. I used movement and dance as my physical therapy to strengthen my inflamed limbs; and music to heal the sad places deep inside.

Expressive arts therapists use the arts as a means of understanding and collaborating with children, youth, families, couples, and individuals dealing with varying degrees of threats that hinder self-actualization and a path to wholeness. Read more…


Creativity and Love
Lee Irwin

What is the relationship between love and creativity? Why is creativity important in our relationships with others? How is love a source of inspiration for creative action?

In my view, each person is a creative center…whose health and well-being depends upon meaningful relationships with others. Further, our health as individuals depends upon our abilities to relate to others in a context of wholeness, a wholeness that includes our living relationship to nature and other beings, be they humans, animals, plants, angels or spirits. A creative vision of the whole is inclusive but at the same time relational, we are in-relation-to-the-whole at all times, in waking, in sleep, in visions, in creative aspirations.

Even the solitary creator needs love. For love is at the very core of the creative life because it is the quality that sustains and amplifies our relatedness to others…. Out of love comes creativity, following the path of inmost courage and commitment, to be and see what is possible in a world of less loving relations. If we want to co-create a more loving world we must actualize our individual capacities for love in all our relations. The bridge in this process is built by discovering creative ways to actualize the love that is latent in the hearts and minds of every being. Read more…

Three Seven Pillars Experiences
Los Angeles, California

On Saturday, October 18th, 2013, the staff of Seven Pillars boarded a plane from New York to Los Angeles to participate in a series of weekend experiences that had been in development for nearly a year. The fruits of those labors included over 100 people, and took three very different forms: a large scale benefit concert, an intimate, immersive transformance and a university talk. Each event was unique but the mission was the same: cultivate living wisdom through The Seven Pillars process! (Event videos also included.) View the gallery here…

Three Seven Pillars Experiences
A Gallery of Images from our Living Wisdom Tour in Los Angeles




Big News! Seven Pillars Weekend Explorations to Launch in July!
Join us on an Adventure Into Tradition and Mystery


Registration opens soon!
July 17–19, 2014
Abode of the Message
New Lebanon, New York

We are delighted to announce this immersive, two-day program exploring Pillar Three, Our Sacred Heritage – contemplating the rich record of the human encounter with the divine – and Pillar Four, The Great Mystery – awakening to the numinous nature of reality. Learn more about this exciting event to be held at our headquarters, here.



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24 March 2014

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