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Vanishing Valentines for You

Introducing Floetry

Over the days of August 24th -28th, 2011, Seven Pillars held a most unusual event: Vanishing Art: An Intimate Festival of What May Be

With the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irene, this event designed around the elements—Earth, Water, Air and Fire—was left at the mercy of Mother Nature!

Our original inspiration was to explore the intersection of art and wisdom, and the messages that art brings, at this early part of the 21st Century. We wanted to create a (non) manifesto as Christopher Bamford likes to say, projecting the future of wisdom as it comes through creativity.

Due to the circumstances, we didn’t quite get to this. Instead, we experienced a bit of chaos, both magical and destructive, making it a very special, yet challenging, time.
Floetry Sample
Now we have a chance to return to the (non) manifesto. Together with you we want to create a “Vanishing (Non) Manifesto” through our collective Floetry.

Floetry is a program designed by Seven Pillars board member Darakshan Farber. It allows us to submit words and phrases that turn into ever-changing, “vanishing” poetry. Our Floetry widget is inserted above, and is already filled with some of the language shared during Vanishing Art.

We now invite you to submit your words and phrases related to art and wisdom, and together we will create the originally envisioned (non) manifesto.*

Over the next few weeks we will watch our (non) manifesto take shape, again and again, as our poems repeatedly disappear into the ethers.

We thank you, in advance, for taking part! Now let’s see what Floetry has to tell us…

With love,
Alia and Corin

Please submit your words or phrases related to art and/or wisdom below. All submissions will be reviewed by our staff, so please make sure your words are thematically appropriate!

14 February 2012

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