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From Vision to Action: How We Can Fulfill Our Call to Higher Service

Christina Sophia Stellarum

“God: Please Use Me. Let me be an Instrument. Let my Life be for Something. Reveal my purpose to me!”

I found myself down on my knees, uttering one of the deepest, most treasured prayers of the human soul. And I refused to get up until I had an answer. You see, I was on a quest:

We are born with a great sense that our lives are for something big, something important, something greater than ourselves. Something of significance, a part of some effort or some saving grace that will be a benefit to the whole. Because if we aren’t meant for something big, then what on earth is this whole journey of life for?

The world’s scriptures tell us that we are made in the image and likeness of our innermost essence, which is Spirit. We are templated by the Supreme Light at the heart of all things. Because we are made in the image and essence of the Ultimate, at the deepest level we share its divine characteristics. We can therefore emanate expanded consciousness, deep unending love, grace, mercy and a profound devotion to all of creation.

When we awaken the divinity within, we begin to have visions of what may be possible. We begin to have flashes of a New Earth and a more loving world. We have insights into how we can reinvent old decaying systems and traditions. We begin to see how we can serve the highest good of all. We know that the old ways of doing can be remade to convey higher consciousness. We have visions of creating a World that Works for Everyone, including the Earth herself! This urge to be part of the great solution is nothing less than our innermost divine essence yearning to express itSelf. It is a fundamental urge of the divine to express its Light and Love outwardly.

That fateful day, after hours of prayer on my knees, I finally received a vision. It was a clarion call to my highest destiny. I was shown a path that I would not have dared to imagine for myself. A life more wonderful, a vision more vast, a service more meaningful, than I had ever dreamed of before. Wow!

Even as I proclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to the divine in that small meditation room, my mind chimed in with the question: How on earth is this going to be possible!? You see, the vision I received was so far removed from my life at the time that I could not wrap my head around how it would become a reality. It was so vast and beautiful, and I had no idea how it would be possible.

So that became my next prayer: Divine Light, I say Yes! to this vision, but please show me How!

We may have great visions, but are we truly ready to fulfill them? We may be yearning, but are we fit to serve?

What does it take to go from visualization to actualization? Is an enlightened moment enough?

To paraphrase the sage Sri Yukteswar (guru to Paramahamsa Yogananda): A single enlightened soul can effect a greater positive change than a thousand humanitarians. And so, the goal of enlightenment has become the most popular prize on the spiritual path. For the last several thousand years, humanity’s spiritual journey has focused on enlightenment, awakening, liberation. The ascetic, monastic, celibate traditions of the East and the esoteric Mystery Schools of the West have called humanity higher out of its material morass. As a result, humanity has begun to lift its head from a dull slumbering life into its higher potential. We have begun to awaken out of our limited human identities and are becoming aware that there is a deeper sense of Self.

There is a soul within that bears profound riches just waiting to be activated. We realize that our divine nature has been waiting for us to come along, honor, participate and claim it. Once we have tasted this nectar of divine meaning, we seek out the teachers, disciplines, and modes of propulsion towards the Supreme Source.  We seek to merge with our essence—from which we have never been separate—Source, Spirit, Omnipresence.

For so long, this remembrance of Divine Union has been the ultimate prize—that for which we have incarnated, the pearl beyond price, the capping reward, God’s golden ticket out of what has been called samsara and back to the God realms, back Home. As a result, transcendence, the upward outward expansive movement into the Ultimate, has been the most desired journey.

But this is only half the story.

Anyone who thinks it is the end ...

Is about to have yet another awakening:
Enlightenment is just the beginning.

Those who have had glimmers of unity consciousness, who have cultivated it, are establishing themselves in the Supreme, have an inkling that this is just the beginning of a deeper mastery where we not only merge with the infinite but begin to function from it. Where we integrate the expanded self into our daily activities. From samadhi in action we are able to serve and make an even greater contribution, because it is now coming from expanded consciousness.

In truth we have not just incarnated to awaken. When we awaken, we take on even more of the qualities of the Divine. Among the qualities of the divine are that it answers prayer without ceasing, dispenses mercy without end, and is continuously working to uplift and evolve itself through creation. When we remember our divine nature, we reactivate these qualities. We begin to act as the divine would act: self-effulgent and overflowing with blessings.

This is the deeper reason why we have incarnated. Not just to awaken, but to become a living, breathing Answer to Prayer. To become a physical manifestation of divine mercy in action answering the Cry of the World.

And so begins the second phase of this giant journey: Embodiment. In the quest for enlightenment, many of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions left the body and all materiality behind for thousands of years. The body was relegated to worlds of shame, separation, illusion and samsara.

This separation between source and the body is a false separation whose purpose has run its course. Humanity is now in the age of collective awakening and embodiment. It is time to reclaim the light within, and then to actualize it by grounding it through our physical beings. Embodiment is truly the new frontier.

When we reclaim embodiment we begin to experience the power of the divine light when it is actualized. We can reclaim the body through dance, movement, sensuality, bodywork, cellular cleansing and detoxification, spinal alignment and so many other ways. As we do so, we make space for the light of spirit within our very own bodies and limbs. We begin to ground the Light, and we begin to see its blessings made manifest. Our health and security and prosperity improve. And as all of this occurs, we strengthen and begin to come into overflow.

Why is this important? For eons humanity has often chosen service through martyrdom. We have made a difference, yes, but through suffering, self-denial, depletion and self-harm. These are the hallmarks of an era founded upon the transcendental journey of enlightenment, which generated sacred service based on the denial of the body.

This is no longer tenable. We are coming full circle, and as we step into divine embodiment we realize: That in order to serve, we must truly be living examples of divinity made manifest, of radiant health, wellness, blessing, and peace. We are called to become examples of what divinity could look like actualized in form. When we cultivate enough of this overflowing embodiment, there becomes more than enough, so that we can begin to bless others too.

This is where our ultimate fulfillment is born: When we have more than enough, we can become a sustainable blessing to others. We graduate from enlightenment to instrumentality. Our souls begin to truly be of great benefit. We can begin to nurture our dreams, visions, and sacred service.

That day on the meditation cushion, a miraculous process began to unfold. When I asked Spirit to show me how these visions could become possible, I was given a series of answers. Over the course of the next weeks, months, and yes, even years, I was given a progressive revelation of the steps towards divine fulfillment. A sort of spiritual “connect the dots” system that links the life we have now, with the life our spirit would choose for us.

It took about five years, during which I received 18 principles, or prayers, that connect what is now, to what can be. Every single one of these prayers was so powerful that it took months to integrate. And as I integrated each new prayer, my life utterly transformed before my eyes. Within a year and a half, my life not only fulfilled the vision I had received on the meditation cushion, but it had surpassed it. And in time my service grew to hundreds of awakening souls on four continents, and I began to share these powerful prayers.

The beauty of this process is that it can be used in virtually any faith context. Whether you invoke the prayers for yourself, or they are adapted for congregations, these powerful principles translate across interfaith lines allowing their blessings to be received in the unique language of our own hearts and souls.

I finally asked Spirit if this series of prayers and principles had a name, and they do. The Omega Code has since been shared with conscious leaders, visionaries and change makers around the world. It has helped countless people move from their vision to its fulfillment. The prayers and principles have allowed so many to clear out old obstacles, transform difficulty, and emerge triumphant in their life’s purpose.

The most important thing I learned from these 18 prayers is this: When we pair transcendence with embodiment, we have the fullness of divine human flourishing. The prayers are structured with nine upward prayers and nine downward prayers. When we master them, we are able to inhabit our bodies as illuminated spirits. We are able to make the greatest possible difference by bringing the full power, blessings and grace of the divine light all the way through into the physical! And everything thrives because of it.

Prayers from The Omega Code (like you see above) will be shared at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, from October 15th to 18th in Salt Lake City Utah. Look for them in the Faith Spaces area, displayed continuously on a large video monitor. The Omega Code presentation is made possible by Floetry, an online interactive system for generating prayers and affirmations. Enjoy the spontaneous matching of Omega Code prayers with random inspired images and discover sacred, fresh, and sometimes surprising invocations!

Christina Sophia Stellarum is an international spiritual teacher, guide and facilitator with a focus on mystical ministry for a more loving world. Her earlier vocation as a human rights advocate in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as a near death experience, caused her to turn towards the divine with her whole heart and soul. She holds a Masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, is the founder of Omega U., an online university devoted to higher consciousness, and the creator of multiple online spiritual courses, including the Temple of the Beloved, and The Omega Code. She currently lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband Oliver. To learn more about the Omega Code and download a freely gifted guided meditation to powerfully bless your day, visit

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14 October 2015

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