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Inviting Your Participation in the New Year

Rabia Povich

As we move into a new year, I want to express deep gratitude for the many people who have brought Seven Pillars to this stage. Thanks go to the people who have generously offered their time and talents to build bridges and establish partnerships to support our collective exploration about the meaning of wisdom in our time. Thanks to all those who have facilitated conversations, written articles, offered artwork, attended gatherings and made financial contributions.

The creative team that worked diligently to birth our multimedia e-book, The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom, deserves special recognition. Christopher Bamford, Robin Becker, Shams Kairys, Lee Irwin and Deepa Gulrukh Patel served as midwives, collaboratively developing ideas for the content, process and design of the book. Pir Zia Inayat-Khan provided the guiding vision of the Seven Pillars, contributed video and audio, and worked with the team in its overall creative process. The staff of Laurie Lane-Zucker and Corin Lee Girard imagined and produced the book into existence, with careful attention to detail, listening to input, and always considering new possibilities. Their passion and creativity are evident everywhere in the e-book. The book is designed to stimulate further conversation—it offers a beginning, an opening for what is possible. We will be listening to the conversations that emerge from the book’s readers.

As we enter our seventh year, we take time to renew, as in the ancient tradition of the sabbatical year. Facing financial uncertainty, we see that Seven Pillars will need to be less centralized and more flexible, going forward with reduced staff and more emphasis on locally-inspired wisdom explorations. Local partnerships may manifest as salons, online conversations, retreats, artistic festivals or something we have yet to imagine. Seven Pillars will network these local activities so we can share and disseminate what is learned.

With this update we begin a new blog section sharing perspectives on the Pillars—please check it out. We invite you to participate in our ongoing conversation about wisdom. Please offer comments on the articles and blogs posted on our website; send us an email with your thoughts about the e-book, or to share your pledge; post a review of the e-book on the iTunes bookstore; organize a local conversation on the questions raised in “The Journey of Life” Pillar: What are the key themes of your life? Where are you on your journey? Where do you want to be? And please submit poetry, articles or photos of artwork inspired by the Seven Pillars for our website. Submit web material to: director[at]sevenpillarshouse[dot]org.

Seven Pillars is composed of all who participate in it; we together are the community that gives this vision life. Thank you for being part of this noble experiment. The conversation continues.

Image: psyberartist on Flickr

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  • +This is only to say that there is a system of knowledge descent from the realm of the divine to the human realm. They say prayer is the human tool to contact the divine and meditation is the tool established by the divine to faciltiate the human contact. The Islamic mantra is coming to engender the system. Ha Meem Aun Seen Qaff, this the way the inspiration process is activated.Thank you all for the work.I always thought the people of America can do a lot to the world.

    — abdulmonem on January 24, 2015

31 December 2014

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