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PRESS RELEASE: Seven Pillars Launches Indiegogo Campaign

For Groundbreaking “Illuminated e-Manuscript” Project


Seven Pillars Launches Indiegogo Campaign for
Groundbreaking “Illuminated e-Manuscript” Project

Multi-touch eBook Marries 21st Century Technology with Ancient and “Living” Wisdom

New Lebanon, New York — June 24, 2014 — During the Fifth and Sixth Centuries A.D., books appeared for the first time that merged writing with imagery. This revolution in publishing created an entirely new reading experience, stimulating different parts of the reader’s brain. No wonder, then, that the “illuminated manuscript,” as it came to be called, became the preferred vehicle for books with deep wisdom and spiritual content.

Very recently, 21st Century technologies have opened the door to the “multi-touch” electronic book, which not only combines text and imagery, but also music, video, and graphic animations. Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, a nonprofit organization based in New Lebanon, NY, now introduces the “Illuminated e-Manuscript,” which reinvents the centuries-old tradition of illustrated wisdom texts by merging modern multimedia technology with ancient and contemporary wisdom, in order to contribute to the transformation of consciousness and outward “change-making” necessary for a sustainable and more just society. The eBook, The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom, has been created by more than three dozen artists, scholars, musicians, technologists, and others. It includes inspiring text and insightful conversations by leading luminaries, original music from Grammy-Award winning musicians, a two-minute animated film, multiple video segments and other multimedia produced specifically for the eBook.

Seven Pillars’ Executive Director and eBook Project Director, Laurie Lane-Zucker, who has over twenty years of experience leading award-winning publishing (Orion magazine, Triad Books) and entrepreneurial digital media initiatives (LinkedIn’s Impact Entrepreneur,, describes the innovation of the “illuminated e-manuscript” as something both timely and necessary. “As suggested by the popularity of conferences like the Bay Area’s annual Wisdom 2.0, there is a real thirst for finding ways of linking paradigm-shifting, disruptive technology platforms like Apple’s iBooks with the pursuit of authentic wisdom that can inspire new directions for sustainable systems change,” said Lane-Zucker. “Our “illuminated e-manuscript” project sits directly on the interface between high tech and what we call living wisdom, bringing real heart and penetrating insight to the questions that really matter for our time, and using technology in innovative ways to assist in our individual and collective journey toward wisdom.”

The Indiegogo campaign for The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom eBook launches today and will run for forty-five days. Over a year in the making and close to completion, the Illuminated e-Manuscript project received initial grant support from the Kalliopeia Foundation in San Rafael, CA. The campaign now seeks $15,000 of crowdfunding to help with image rights, multimedia production, design, and marketing/promotion.

For more information about Seven Pillars’ Illuminated e-Manuscript campaign on Indiegogo and to view the unique perks available to donors, visit the campaign page at:

Seven Pillars House of Wisdom brings together a diverse community of people devoted to cultivating a living wisdom for our time. We draw on the intelligence of the natural world, humanity’s sacred heritage, and contemplative insight to inform and inspire this pursuit. Through gatherings, media and the arts, we explore ways to respond with integrity and beauty to the needs of the world.

Laurie Lane-Zucker
Executive Director
Seven Pillars, Inc.
PO Box 82
New Lebanon, NY 12125

If you would like a word, pdf or email copy of this Press Release, please email us at wisdom[at]sevenpillarshouse[dot]org.

Click here to read more and view the campaign.

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23 June 2014

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