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Seven Pillars Update & News

January - March 2012

Dear Friends of Seven Pillars:

Spring has sprung, and with the energy and inspiration of rebirth that accompanies this time of year, we have been very happily up to our eyebrows in exciting new projects! 

As we wrote about in our 2011 Year-End Review, everything we do from this point forward will focus on the “seven pillars” – The Journey of Life, Universe Story, Cloud of Witnesses, Unity of Being, The Cry, What May Be and The Pledge.

This winter into spring we have continued to explore the meaning of these pillars and have begun to develop related web content and programs. Our Guiding Voices and other dedicated collaborators have gathered on the phone, and when possible in person, to delve into this effort. Earlier this month, a group of 25 of us spent a weekend together, deeply exploring these themes and drawing out key elements to use in web and program design.

We are excited to say that the first pillar, The Journey of Life, will be unveiled later this year, followed by the others, leading us all through an intentional, experiential, alchemical process of personal and planetary revelation.

Within the next few months we will announce our official plans for fall 2012. Expect to see a series of Open Houses and Salons at Seven Pillars’ Headquarters in New Lebanon, New York; a series of Young Adult Salons in New York City; a large-scale evening event scheduled for Cambridge, Massachusetts in November; and the retooling of our website.

Additionally, we have completed the intensive process of developing a Strategic Plan, charting our course for the next three years.  Seven Pillars’ identity has become clearer, and we are intently focused and preparing to open this work to all of you, growing a community of depth and beauty. 

A few images from our last months can be found in the slideshow below.  As always, more to come!

With love,
Alia and Corin

PS – Thanks to all who submitted words of wisdom and art for our collaborative Floetry Project! Here are a few examples of our co-created, growing floetry (non)manifesto:

We are viewing this serious joy of unfolding. Our eye is delighting by Black Mountain. The silence is falling. This rediscovery is composing in between the timeless ecobreath. Our tricksters are waking.

The monks are giving. The Djinn are spiraling joy around New Lebanon, New York. This whimsy is composing beyond this magical village. The weather is living.

Our sweet materials are being. Apollo is sensing our embedded worlds. Amidst this darkness, Etruscans are not practicing these shells. The embodiment is rising. Wendy Tremayne is kissing the discourse. Money has an enemy!

Above heaven, harsh emotions are living. This universe is making. Under the lights we are leaping up happiness. Are you not assembling joy?

Evolutionary laughters are leaping in Vanishing Art. Above the artists, we are re-enchanting love. We are waking this bank within Vanishing Art. We are constructing this ferocity beyond these ghosts.

Storms are constructing. We are looking at this Master. We are kissing happiness under this sentient storm.

We are sculpting joy. Van Gogh is releasing love. Empirical earths are returning. Our nature is commodifying in between these poets. Primary florishflos are sitting throughout the worlds.

The transformation is waking within this infinity. Souls are burning around joy. We are translating these angels in appreciation. Everything is subject to change.

The Floetry Project continues at

Image Credit: Andres Otero Photography

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14 April 2012

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