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Spiritual Chivalry Anthology

Call for Submissions

First Round Deadline for Submissions: May 1, 2010

Second Round Deadline for Submissions: August 1, 2010

Please indicate your intention to submit via email asap to Jennifer Alia Wittman,

The anthology, Spiritual Chivalry: A Code for Our Time, will introduce the chivalric path and the personal qualities, or virtues, that make a Chivalric code of honorable behavior relevant to present day challenges and possibilities. The major driving force of this anthology will be examination of this Code and its cultural and spiritual expressions, such as in the Sufi futuwwa or Japanese samurai traditions, in a modern context. We will explore themes of chivalry particularly pertinent for adults in their twenties and thirties in societies around the world who crave to develop personal character and service towards a greater ideal in response to materialism, superficiality and violence.

Essays for this anthology are being solicited by Seven Pillars House of Wisdom; they will be published by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Random House in 2011.

You are invited to submit essays/articles on chivalry and chivalric codes, demonstrating how their core values address contemporary issues. Topics such as courage, honor, virtue, sacrifice, hospitality, discipline, and the beauty of manners are all appropriate, as well as related topics such as living with a code of honor in modern times, the role of violence in chivalry, the art of peace-keeping and relating well to others, and service to humanity or an ideal as a means of combating selfishness.

Priority will be given to first-person accounts or essays including a personal perspective. We especially encourage individuals in their twenties and thirties to submit for this book as we cultivate a generational voice on the theme of spiritual chivalry. We also encourage people of all ages to submit stories from their youth related to chivalric themes.

This anthology does not seek to rehash the history of chivalry, but rather to demonstrate how its concepts can be used and applied in modern life. Writers are encouraged to raise questions rather than answer them. Throughout Spiritual Chivalry: A Code for Our Time, the reader will be oriented to a new meaning of Chivalry, a meaning beyond classic historical references to medieval times, that includes all cultures, ethnicities and genders. Chivalry will be redefined and presented as an outlook on the world that is free of bias and enmity. The true hero or heroine on the path of chivalry lives a life of service and is “the one who has no enemy.”

Spiritual Chivalry will address the following topics:

  • How are the historical and background concepts of chivalry across various cultures relevant to modern situations?
  • What is the role of violence in spiritual chivalry? For example, is violence acceptable in order to uphold the ideal of defending the oppressed? What should one do if confronted with a violent situation?
  • What would a modern moral code look like? What values, vows or pledges, and codes of conduct might be included, and how does one identify them?
  • How are service and activism related to chivalry? How can service to an ideal or to humanity enable one to sacrifice self-interest for a greater purpose? (Be specific.)
  • How has one of the following virtues been displayed or made itself present in your own life: courage, honor, virtue, sacrifice, hospitality, discipline, honesty, courtesy, generosity, compassion, mercy, friendship, service?
  • Can you tell a true story related to one or more of the above virtues?

Requirements for Submission

  • The essays in Spiritual Chivalry will reflect a wide range of ethnic, gender, class, cultural, educational, religious, geographic, and generational perspectives. Your essay may draw on personal experience or be academic or scholarly in nature; literary non-fiction is also welcome. Fiction and the graphic novel form may also be considered.
  • Submissions must be carefully written and edited. Personal pieces must have a strong narrative drive, lively dialogue, and tell a story that reaches beyond the personal to the universal. Accepted submissions will exhibit a high degree of technical and artistic writing quality.
  • Essays should be 5-15 pages in length. Submissions should be in an attached Microsoft Word file: double spaced, with margins of an inch on either side, and a one-inch indent for paragraphs. Scholarly or professional pieces should place footnotes in text with citations at the end of the manuscript, not the bottom of the page. All submissions must include your bio and CV.
  • If your submission has appeared previously in another publication, you must obtain permission for reprint and forward the permissions letter to us.

The best twenty pieces will be selected for publication. Each accepted contributor will receive two copies of the book and may buy additional copies at a 40% discount. There are two rounds for essay submissions, with deadlines May 1, 2010 and August 1, 2010. If you plan to submit, please indicate your intention via email asap to Jennifer Alia Wittman, Essays, short bios, and accompanying CV should also be sent to Jennifer Alia Wittman at this same email address.


Satya Inayat Khan is a freelance web developer and martial artist. She is an editor and Guiding Voice for the core area of Chivalry for Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Deepa Patel is an experienced producer and leader in three separate but connected fields: culture and creativity; diversity and equality; and young people. Her past roles have included work as a music education producer for the BBC, a campaigner on HIV/AIDS, and as a Managing Director of Creative Partnerships (a national UK Government Initiative on creativity in schools). She currently facilitates programs on the art of collaboration and conversation and is Co-Director of Slow Down London, a campaign on how to appreciate and enjoy life at a different pace. Deepa is a Seven Pillars Guiding Voice and serves on the organization’s Board of Trustees. She lives in England.

Jennifer Alia Wittman, the director of Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, has a background in national service and volunteerism. She has founded, directed and supported numerous governmental, nonprofit and small business entities. Jennifer lives in New Lebanon, New York.

About Seven Pillars House of Wisdom:

Seven Pillars is an emerging wisdom school with Chivalry as one of its four core areas of study and exploration. A variety of notable scholars, artists, clergy and leaders from diverse fields are affiliated with Seven Pillars and contribute to the development of the school’s Chivalry area.

Seven Pillars is reintroducing the concept of Chivalry into popular culture. Chivalry has not been a front and center theme for most recent generations, yet is a concept, and a way of being, that is ready to be embraced by an emerging culture longing for beauty, civility and a turn from a materialistic focus to one of generosity and service.

Download the submission guidelines as a Microsoft Word file

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  • This is a brilliant idea to resume chivalry. There was a period in my life when I was fond of reconstruction. I liked the period of Knights a lot. I read dozens of books. Here are the torrents to some of the books I read . I’ve learned that people see knights as perfect brave men but it is not always so.

    — Steam on February 11, 2011

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27 April 2010

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