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The Living Universe

The Second Pillar

The Living Universe: Shifting to a more vast biography, we survey the whole manifest universe, and the cosmologies that describe our relation with it. From the primal flaring forth and crystallization of the cosmos, spiraling into galaxies beyond number, to the formation of Earth, we enter the biological history of the planet, the layers of embodied life, the waterways, the species of flora and fauna, the features of the landscape—all orienting us to the life of our own body and particular place on the globe.

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  • Thank you very much for all of what your wonderful community is offering.  Your outreach through “Community” is most attractive.
    Earth Consciousness & Eco-community
    Eco-Community is enriched at it’s greatest depths, in the presence, openness, stillness and reverent communion with Nature in and around us….and takes only a moment to inform us through our most authentic communication relationship, the senses.  Then, the most treasured of all relationships emerges….within that resonance with Sensory Earth Consciousness….and brings the realization of our inherent being into our stream of thought and creativity once again….no longer cloaked by the dominant veils of thought and reasoned abstractions and stories, which hide it’s profound love. (Copyright Dan Shelton, Ph.D, writings in “The Garden of Eco- Community” at Eden Forest Ecostery, Feb.2013).
    Sincerely and with Unselfish Love,
    Dan Shelton

    — Dan Shelton on July 11, 2013

9 November 2012

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