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The Power of Community

Thank You for Supporting Seven Pillars!

Our eBook campaign on Indiegogo closed at 11:59pm Pacific time last night, having raised $8800 from 140 donors! In addition, we have received some donations via mail over the past few weeks. These additional gifts bring our total to approximately $9500. Wow! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who showed your support by making a donation!

Also, thank you for bearing with us throughout the barrage of campaign emails. We know it was a lot and your commitment means so much.

The very good news is that we have raised enough funding through the campaign to complete our eBook, which we anticipate being ready for publication in the next 90 days or so. We are excited to say that we will be able to use many pieces of Cecil Collins’ magnificent artwork in the design. The rights for these difficult-to-secure images were paid for by your dollars! Thank you! As we proceed through layout, we will also be looking at additional opportunities to add multimedia elements to the book (we have plenty of exciting ideas!)—also made possible by your donations!

In the coming weeks, as we approach the eBook’s launch, we will continue to seek grants and gifts that will support the eBook’s marketing and publicity efforts. The very healthy level of participation in this crowdfunding campaign should put us in good standing with donors as we make our asks. If you can recommend possible funding sources, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

So, for all of these reasons, Corin and I, along with the rest of the eBook team, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support on this project!! We are one step farther along the path to cultivating a living wisdom that is essential for our time!

Below is the complete list of “eBook Angels” to date:

Our “eBook Angels”

Milton Azevedo Robin Becker Glen Buzurg Ben-Ezra
Tina Beneman Leon Berg Rachel Berrios
Benjamin Bingham Aimee Brodeur Johnson Marilyn & Roger Browning
Mary Ann Brussat Ushi Darena Burgess Clary Calma
Amida Cary Coachise8 Aaron Matt Cohen
Robert Corman Suzanne Malika Damberg Mikail Davenport
Tricia Davis-Payne Amin David Dawdy Heidi Diefenbacher
Jacob Ellenberg Dulanie Ellis Tamara English
Darakshan Farber MK Feist María Cristina Fernandez
John Fitzpatrick Linda Rabia Frank Nathan Frazer
Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel Majida Gibson Megan Goodenough
Lori Hanau Tobin Hart Peggy Hawkins
Margaret & Don Hejny KF Henderson Antonio José Herrero Ocampo
Nancy Hill Thomas Hotaling Taj Inayat
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan Rabbi Shaya Isenberg Mary Azima Jackson
Habiba Kabir Nancy Zarifah Kadian Shams Kairys
Abigail Kehr Sara Kendall Abi’l Khayr
Brad Krupsaw Risala Laird Christina Lane
Henry Lappen James Inayat Leff Judy Leif
Alan Levin Thea Halima Levkovitz Duane Light
Ken Macher Chris Maddox Mamaglee
Sarah Leila Manolson Sally Marquis Rizwana Mason
Salima McCall Rory McEntee Tim Michel
Chris Akbar Miller Goro Mitchell James Moore
The Morin Charitable Fund Terri Mueller Donna Mumm
Hanifah Murfin Maureen O’Reilly Mary Oak
Sharifa Oppenheimer Said Osio Owl & Bear
Rebecca Parker Anna Parker Janet & Iggy Piedilato
Deborah & Ron Povich Maira Rahme Tom Ramsden
BJ Reeves Bonny Rega Tina Lana Reichert
Julianne Reynolds Clare S. Rosenfield Hafiz Neil Rothenberg
Hadi Yves Saint-Pierre John RC Scott Ananda Mariam Simmons
John Slade Betty Jane Snow Bev Sparks
Cindy Spring Mirabai Starr Michael Stern
Shafia Stevens Annette Thompson Karyn Vadan
Bill Van Buren Asha Virani Scott Von Heldt
Judy Waldman Katharine Weinmann Lizanne Whitlow
Elizabeth Williams Arcadia Williams Jennifer Alia Wittman
B Wolfe John Womack Ellen Woods
Dilawar Orlando Yaccarino Eileen Alia Yager Salima Zimmerman


If you missed the campaign or want to send an additional contribution to support Seven Pillars’ eBook marketing and publicity efforts, please use the link below or send a check to Seven Pillars, P.O. Box 82, New Lebanon, New York 12125.




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8 August 2014

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