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Our “Something Extra”

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Spring has nearly sprung here in New Lebanon, New York. It is a time of year when we awaken to the blossoming of new life. It also offers an opportunity to take a fresh look at the challenges we face on the path ahead. Often, when one begins to experience the aural tingling of migratory birdsong, the visual enticement of budding greens, and the caress of sunlight infused with first warmth along the nape of the neck, it can be jarring, indeed despairing, to be reminded of life’s requisite loss and pain. Its unbearable lightness of being.

Indeed, nearly every day the world is presented with further evidence of the failure of human systems to sustain the ecological fabric that supports all life, and of fundamental inequities in the dominant economic and social structures that give rise to hardship and suffering. Climate change, rampant consumerism, species mega-extinction, religious and resource-driven conflicts — all provide vivid evidence that current efforts to build a sustainable and just global society are falling well short of what is needed.

This is not for a lack of effort. Millions of individuals and tens of thousands of organizations, collectively acting as what has been called the “immune system” of the Earth, are working passionately for change and healing. Still, despite these good efforts, many of the vital signs of the planet continue to worsen. Something more is needed to shift our trajectory, something that results in a fundamental change in the alignment of the heart and mind of individuals and in the “brain chemistry” of the systems we build to manage life on the planet. An ethical and spiritual transformation is necessary that gives birth to a new kind of human culture — one with different values, desires, and expectations. It is this “something extra” that Seven Pillars House of Wisdom seeks to provide through its work.

With the recent launch of “The Seven Pillars” — the outgrowth of five years of close collaboration between the organization’s Staff, Board, Wisdom Council and Guiding Voices — Seven Pillars House of Wisdom now possesses the foundational architecture for the organization’s future programming that supports such deep-seated change within the individual and the collective. The Seven Pillars offers an inspiring new context and process that illuminates the unfolding experiences of life and facilitates the emergence of living wisdom that can help each of us address the urgent social and ecological challenges of the day, with integrity and beauty.

A new program strategy has been designed around The Seven Pillars, which includes a Living Wisdom Tour, Living Wisdom “multi-touch” eBook Series, and an expanded publishing and social networking presence on the web. The programs are designed to reinforce each other as they introduce the Pillars to an international community of holistically minded, spiritually attuned change-makers, while strengthening the organization’s communications and educational offerings, outreach potential, and revenue model. The new programming is also designed to embrace both “in the world” and virtual learning opportunities, and give fuller expression to the organization’s three “methodologies.”

I am pleased to say that after several months of preparation, we have launched the Living Wisdom Tour and begun development of the first title of our eBook Series, The Seven Pillars, and now are unveiling the first of a series of upgrades to our website: a new gallery feature that will aid and enrich our collaborations with a growing community of talented visual artists. We have also updated our Community page to highlight the various ways you can interact with the organization.

We invite you to stay tuned to our online calendar for updated listings of coming Living Wisdom Tour events around the United States and internationally, such as this month’s Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom in Los Angeles, a unique, interactive “transformance” that weaves together live music, visual imagery, performance, and ritual. And we will give regular reports on the development of the first in our series of “multi-touch” eBooks, entitled The Seven Pillars.

I am also delighted to announce that our new programs have attracted a major $145,000 grant from the Kalliopeia Foundation as well as other, generous grants from the O’Halloran Family Foundation and the David Farber Foundation. These grants, together with our broader community’s continuing support, will help these new initiatives to flourish. We invite you to show your support by giving a tax-deductible donation today.


Laurie Lane-Zucker serves as Seven Pillars' Executive Director. He is a seasoned nonprofit executive, "impact" entrepreneur, lecturer, and spokesperson on environmental, educational, and entrepreneurial issues. His background includes serving as executive director of the Orion Society, an environmental organization with broad international membership. While there, he edited and published magazines and books, founded a grassroots network, organized over 70 conferences, colloquia and institutes, and was a leader in the development of Place-based Education. Laurie also founded a nonprofit incubator to nurture local, national, and global citizenship, and a global impact digital media company delivering content on the burning issues of the day. Laurie was raised in a theosophist family where he had an early introduction to mysticism; he has three children and currently resides in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

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15 April 2013

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