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What Change Looks Like

e-Notebook: May 2013

Seven Pillars would like to bring our community’s attention to the inspiring new documentary film, Elemental. Global Oneness Project, the producers of this film, use the printed word, video and photography to explore the threads that connect culture, ecology, and beauty. Elemental, which is now showing in select major cities, is a poignant expression of this mission and its connection to transformative change.


An Exclusive Interview with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

The world in which we live is both beautiful and terrible. There are those among us that recognize these polarities and are working tirelessly to enhance the beauty and alleviate the suffering. The battles they wage are usually uphill, beset by discouragement and failure.  How does one persevere in the face of these challenges?

The new documentary film, Elemental, shares the stories of three individuals, living on three different continents, all imbued with an unshakable spirit of action. Whether it is fighting for access to unpolluted water, rallying communities or continuing to say “Yes!” in the face of adversity, these three individuals are shining examples of what change looks like today.

In this exclusive interview with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, the Co-Director, Co-Producer and Co-Composer of the documentary Elemental, we explore the persistence of hope and other questions relating to the creation, filming and mission of the film. Read more…

A Look Inside
Gallery of Images from the Filming and Production of Elemental


The documentary Elemental, follows a former Indian government official on a 40-day pilgrimage down India’s once pristine Ganges river, working to shut down factories, halt construction of dams, and rouse the Indian public to treat their sacred “Mother Ganga” with respect; an activist from northern Canada who is struggling to fight against the world’s largest industrial development, the Tar Sands, an oil deposit larger than the state of Florida; and an Australian inventor and entrepreneur who is searching for investors willing to risk millions on his conviction that nature’s own systems hold the key to our world’s ecological problems.

Separated by continents yet sharing an unwavering commitment to protecting nature, the characters in this story are complex, flawed heroes for whom stemming the tide of environmental destruction fades in and out of view - part mirage, part miracle. Click here to see the gallery.

“A rare, fresh look at environmental issues and sustainability…
Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee ties these threads together masterfully.”

-John Fink, The Film Stage



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20 May 2013

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