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What does it mean to be an “eBook Angel?”

Add your name to this growing list!

With just 9 days left in the campaign, we are at 40% of our $15,000 goal! Eighty-two generous donors have helped us reach this important milestone, and have shown their support for the Seven Pillars Illuminated e-Manuscript campaign to bring wisdom to the world through heart-centered multimedia technology. Each of these 82 donors (and each person who gives $10 or more before the end of the campaign) will have their name inscribed on the Donors page of the eBook

Here in the office, we are calling campaign donors our “eBook Angels.” We believe that eBook Angels are wisdom seekers and mystics at heart. They find the intersection of science and spirituality ripe for discovery. They care deeply about initiatives that support the global family, and are the first to offer a smile, a kind word and a pledge of support when they believe in something. These are the change-makers of the world!

Will you add your name to this growing list and let us honor you by
featuring your name on the Donors page of the eBook?

Here are the donation categories as they will appear in the 1st Edition of The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom eBook:

Friend $10 - $24 Contributor $100 - $499
Donor $25 - $49 Benefactor $500 - $999
Supporter $50 - $99 Major Benefactor $1000 +

Our “eBook Angels”

Aaron Matt Cohen Abigail Kehr Alan Levin
Amin David Dawdy Asha Virani Benjamin Bingham
Betty Jane Snow Bev Sparks BJ Reeves
Brad Krupsaw Rizwana Mason Chris Akbar Miller
Chris Maddox Cindy Spring Clary Calma
Coachise8 Darakshan Farber Deborah & Ron Povich
Divinusamor Duane Light Dulanie Ellis
Eileen Alia Yager Elizabeth Williams Ellen Woods
Glen Buzurg Ben-Ezra Goro Mitchell Habiba Kabir
Hanifah Murfin James Inayat Leff Jennifer Alia Wittman
John Fitzpatrick Judy Leif Karyn Vadan
Ken Macher Leon Berg Lizanne Whitlow
Maira Rahme Mamaglee Mirabai Starr
Marilyn & Roger Browning Mary Azima Jackson Mary Oak
Megan Goodenough Michael Stern Mikail Davenport
Milton Azevedo MK Feist Owl & Bear
Peggy Hawkins Pir Zia Inayat-Khan Rachel Berrios
Rebecca Parker Risala Laird Robert Corman
Robin Becker Rory McEntee Said Osio
Sally Marquis Sara Kendall Scott Von Heldt
Shafia Stevens Shams Kairys Suzanne Malika Damberg
Taj Inayat Tamara English Thea Halima Levkovitz
Tim Michel Tina Beneman Tricia Davis-Payne
Anonymous Janet & Iggy Piedilato The Morin Charitable Fund

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31 July 2014

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