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What is Possible When People of Faith Work Together?

Deborah Rabia Povich

Three Seven Pillars board members will journey to the Parliament of the World’s Religions taking place in Salt Lake City from October 15-19. The Parliament is an international effort to strengthen the interfaith movement by building respect and trust among leaders of all traditions. The theme of the gathering is “Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity, Working Together for a World of Compassion, Peace, Justice and Sustainability.” We will join 10,000 people from 80 nations and 50 faiths to celebrate the ways our faith traditions can build bridges across divides of enmity, and to collaborate on actions that promote peace and heal and sustain the planet. During the Parliament we’ll share highlights on social media. Check Seven Pillars’ Facebook page and Twitter account for updates.

Highlighting a few of the offerings at the Parliament by friends and associates of Seven Pillars:

•    The Abrahamic Reunion is a team of spiritual peacemakers who use religion as a force for harmony in the Holy Land. Composed of Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze, they will travel from Israel and Palestine to share their experiences of building peace in a land with deep historical and political divides by opening hearts to the love and wisdom of all spiritual traditions.

•    Also, under the guidance of Shahabbudin Less with the support of dozens of interfaith ministers, Universal Worship services honoring the wisdom and unity of all faith traditions will be offered several times during the gathering.

•    This year leaders of many indigenous nations will join with other faith leaders committed to work for peace and the protection of Mother Earth. Devi Tide will travel to the Parliament with spiritual elders from the Maori, Mayan, Ojibwe, and Hopi traditions, who will offer an opening ceremony and daily healing services for the world.

Reflecting the need to increase equality for women around the world, the Parliament will feature an inaugural Women’s Assembly, which will provide a forum for women to discuss two areas of vital interest: the responsibility of the world’s religions to affirm women’s dignity and human rights; and religious and spiritual inspiration for women’s empowerment.

Acknowledging the world’s challenges, six declarations have been created on the vital importance of issues ranging from climate change to income inequality and the widening wealth gap. These declarations are a call to action that can be endorsed by adherents of diverse religious and spiritual traditions and convictions. Together they represent the moral force of conscience brought to bear on key issues of our time. Check them out and lend your support.

Along with this update we are pleased to share a new article from Christina Sophia Stellarum titled From Vision to Action: How We Can Fulfill Our Call to Higher Service. This article describes one woman’s journey toward discovering her life’s purpose as she contributes to the emergent movement to raise our collective consciousness.

Christina and Board member Darkashan Farber found a synergy in their creations: from Christina, The Omega Code, a series of prayers with a repeatable syntax; from Darakshan, a poetry platform called Floetry.  Prayers generated by the Floetry system using a grammar and vocabulary based on the Omega Code will be displayed at the Parliament continuously on a large video monitor. These randomly generated phrases, matched with randomly chosen inspirational images, form sacred yet fresh and sometimes surprising prayers and invocations.

Click here to read
From Vision to Action: How We Can Fulfill Our Call to Higher Service
by Christina Sophia Stellarum

Learn more about the Parliament of the World’s Religions here:

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14 October 2015

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