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A Visit With Orland Bishop

How do I need to be for you to be free?
– Orland Bishop

As we further investigate the areas of Cosmology, Revelation, Mysticism and Chivalry, people come to mind, or are recommended, to come visit us and inform our work.

Last year we hosted an impromptu visit with Dorothy Maclean, in the middle of February, while the Abode (our home) was covered in ice. Dorothy is in her 80’s, and fearlessly toured the property, walking right on the ice—no avoidance. She is one with the natural world.

This past month we happily received Orland Bishop, founder of the Shade Tree Multi-cultural Foundation in Los Angeles. As with Dorothy, Orland toured the place, met privately with Seven Pillars’ founder, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, and then offered a public talk and tea in the Abode’s library. He was also kind enough to continue with ten of us after dinner, holding a group dialogue revisiting topics from the afternoon. Dialogue is key to Orland’s work, as it is to the work of Seven Pillars.

During the public tea, Orland shared about his experience with Shade Tree, and particularly about his work with youth. Through Shade Tree, one thing that Orland does is help young people reorient to new concepts of giving and receiving. Resources and money are energy, to be shared. There is no shortage—there is enough.

Orland spoke fascinatingly of historical contacts between the Zulu and the Rosicrucians, the spiritual transformation that African slaves underwent during the Middle Passage, the esoteric agenda of the Founding Fathers, and how geomagnetic currents shaped the course of the Civil Rights movement. Orland will elaborate on these themes in a book to be published by Steiner Books, expected in 2010.

There are some whose work, vibration and purpose fit so closely with that of Seven Pillars that the relationship exists even before a meeting takes place. This is true with Orland, who we hope will join us again soon as we continue as collaborators and partners in the greater work to be done.

If you are interested in learning more about Orland Bishop, video interviews featuring him can be found at the Global Oneness Project site.

Appreciation is due to Barbara Sargent, Barbara Cushing, Sohrob Nabatian, and Christopher Bamford for helping arrange this visit, and to Frank White, Rabia Longworth, Tara Chishti, Alima Lucinski, and Suhrawardi Gebel, all of whom helped host Orland. 

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  • Hi Alia,

    I first met Orland Bishop when he co-led a men’s week-long gathering with mythologist and story teller Michael Meade. Orland is one of the most impressive people I have had the pleasure of meeting. My experience of him is very similar to my feelings regarding President Obama - very intelligent, accessible, and a very high level of integrity. I’m glad to see that you made that connection. Orland is a person to watch over the next few years, for he has much to offer the world. best wishes,
    zakir jacobs

    — zakir jacobs on April 4, 2009

  • Orland Bishop will be touring the Pacific Northwest with the Global Oneness Project for their upcoming event series, The New Narrative: Local Voices for a Global Future.

    Come out for a free event, featuring:

    Global Oneness Project short films, Guest speaker Orland Bishop, Cafe-style conversations, and Q&A;with director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

    May 7-15 in Eugene and Portland, OR, Olympia, Seattle, and Bellingham, WA, and Victoria, BC.

    Details can be found here:

    Hope to see you there!

    — Michelle Moore on April 23, 2009

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