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Announcing Seven Pillars’ Guiding Voices

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Seven Pillars has been in existence for a year and a half now, and with each passing season our “house with no walls” has taken fuller shape. From the beginning it has been our intention to cultivate collaboration and make a place at our table for practitioners of all traditions, arts, and sciences.

Over the months, a number of individuals have answered our call who are kindred spirits in the aspiration for a fuller integration of the many strands of contemporary human life. It is my pleasure to announce that this group of inspired and inspiring individuals will be known henceforth as the Guiding Voices of Seven Pillars.

The role of the Guiding Voices involves contributing to the theoretical and practical elaboration of our four thematic areas (Cosmology, Revelation, Mysticism, and Chivalry), participating in our events, writing for our website, and helping to foster communication and friendship within our growing interspiritual community.

In May this group will meet for a three-day retreat at The Abode, with the intention of deepening our bonds of common purpose and furthering the vision of Seven Pillars’ development. A process for appointing future Guiding Voices will also be determined.

I hope you will join me in extending a very warm and appreciative welcome to the Seven Pillars Guiding Voices.

An updated list of Guiding Voices has just been posted on our People page.

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