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Spiritual Chivalry: A Call for Submissions

Posted by Satya Khan on December 3, 2009

Since the Inauguration of Seven Pillars in 2008, we have been developing the idea for an anthology on modern spiritual chivalry, and I am excited and delighted to invite you all to participate. Spiritual Chivalry: A Code for Our Time will be published by North Atlantic Books in 2011, and we are now accepting submissions of essays and personal accounts for inclusion.

To me, Seven Pillars has a unique voice on the subject of spiritual chivalry, and this book provides an opportunity to address in published form some of the nuanced aspects of this topic such as the relevance of moral codes in contemporary culture, the role of service in modern society, and the relationship between enlightened action and violence. Rather than rehashing antiquated modes of chivalry, what can we take from historical example and mix with new ideas to create a new code for our time—one that can speak to people of many ages, nations, backgrounds and cultures?

We are especially interested in a diverse range of first-person narratives, and invite all who are inspired by chivalry to submit essays by May 1, 2010.

The full submission guidelines can be found here.

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3 December 2009

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