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What Happens When You Fall?

Posted by Deepa Gulrukh Patel on June 29, 2015

To live in the Great Mystery is for me the greatest adventure of my life. When we were developing The Seven Pillars e-book, we came up with a series of questions as an entryway into each pillar, and the one for this pillar that was burnt on my heart and mind is: “If the greatest mystery is love, how can I experience all its expressions as love?”

Not long after, I fell into the River Dart while on a moonlit canoe trip. It was a humiliating and cold adventure that plunged me into memories of all the previous experiences that had caused similar discomfort. At times like this one can wallow in the memories or let the Great Mystery come to our rescue and reveal its secret, its love, for there is a saving grace that is ever present in the Mystery.

However to feel its presence it seems one might have to surrender the desire for this grace, and yet when it comes everything is worthwhile, especially the pain and the heartbreak. Then one is able to rest in peace and to dance, as T.S. Eliot says, “at the still point.”

Emerging from the River Dart
Burning with the desire for the Real
she threw caution to the wind
and once more set foot on the path of love
Buoyed by the heady pleasure
that comes with certainty
she whispered
I can do this
I can do this
But the Real demands loyalty
to the questions
and answered,
What happens when you fall?
Tumbling into the murky water
she lost her grip on the long held mask
behind which hides all that is unloved and unlovable
Dripping with the tears of exile
separated from those who can
her longing now fully exposed to the moon
in desperation for safety she ran
she ran into the kindness of a stranger
willing to hold her in the grip of loneliness

He walked her into
the silence of sleep
On waking
she found
she had been cleansed
by the forgiveness that resides
in the darkness of night
and by the revelation of the beauty that hides in
the unknown and the unknowable
which is present in each step and mis-step
Now she was ready to set foot
on the pathless path of love
as though for the first time

Lead image: River Dart by Derek Harper, on WikiMedia.

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29 June 2015

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