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The Art of Heartful Conversation

An Intimate Gathering

April 22-27, 2011

Austin, Texas

Over five days in April 2011, Seven Pillars House of Wisdom hosted approximately 25 Guiding Voices, funders, partners and friends at a beautiful ranch outside of Austin, Texas to deeply explore what we call Heartful Conversation. The goal of the gathering was to develop principals of dialogue and group conversation that allow for deep intimacy, authenticity, presence and ultimately, for wisdom to emerge.

Throughout the gathering, we explored themes including presence, responsibility, mirroring, synergy, curious not-knowing, synthesis, and the relationship between the abstract and the personal, as vital characteristics of an active, artistic conversation that is ripe for wisdom. In addition to this important work, we forged deep relationships among the participants, using the tools that developed throughout our time together.

The resulting principals from this gathering are foundational to Seven Pillars' work, and are touched upon and put into action at each and every event we host.


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