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Living Wisdom Tour: The Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom

Introducing the "transformance:" an immersive, participatory experience

Sunday, October 20, 2013

L  I  V  I  N  G    W  I  S  D  O  M    T  O  U  R

Los Angeles, California
Sunday, October 20 | 3:30pm & 7:00pm
5:30pm Indian Banquet

The Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom is a 3D, participatory, experiential event that offers a unique way to experience the layers of our lives through deepening stages of embodiment, transcendence and engagement. Immersed in live music, visual imagery, performance and ritual, we’ll move through and share widening circles of our outer and inner worlds.

There will be two separate performances of the Journey of Wisdom offered on Sunday, October 20th: a matinee at 3:30pm and an evening performance at 7pm. In between them, we are offering an optional Indian dinner. So if you would like, you can stay after the matinee to eat with us, or come have dinner before the evening performance. It will be a great way to extend the experience.

History: A few years ago, Seven Pillars' founder Pir Zia Inayat-Khan had a dream that showed him The Seven Pillars as a series of stages -- a kind of inner journey. The stages he saw are reminiscent of the archetypal Hero's Journey, except the journey is not about finding one's individuality by overcoming obstacles and passing tests, but about seeing through the mirage of separateness and rediscovering the ways we are connected through our hearts and imaginations.

Pir Zia's dream became a unifying framework for the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom and we began to explore and expand that inspirational framework in order to share this journey in a embodied way. How can we go beyond talking about wisdom?  What would happen if we invite the whole person into the journey -- body, mind, heart, and soul? What would happen if we encourage members of an audience to actively explore its relationships with the cosmos, and with the mystery at the core of life amid the epochal challenges of our time?

Last year Seven Pillars' Board of Trustees member Darakshan Farber, gathered an extraordinary team of artistic collaborators in Los Angeles to experiment. To start, they offered simple guided meditations through the Seven Pillars, using live acoustic music, and encouraging participation through drawing, writing and sharing. Later they produced several rich "transformances" (transformational, interactive performances) involving with over fifty performers and volunteers.  The audiences explored The Seven Pillars with the help of specially composed live music and video projections, with movement and group interaction as well as deep inner work.

On October 20th, Darakshan's team and the staff of Seven Pillars will offer two transformances of the Seven Pillars Journey of Wisdom, with a capacity of about 200. These two transformances will be part of a weekend series celebrating The Seven Pillars that also includes a world music concert and a talk at USC by Pir Zia, who brought forth the original inspiration. We expect to learn quite a bit.

Location: The Vortex Immersion Dome • Los Angeles Center Studios • 1201 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Admission: $33 3:30pm matinee transformance, $18 5:30pm Indian Banquet, $48 7:00pm evening performance

Directions & parking instructions will be provided to ticket holders.

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C  O  N  T  R  I  B  U  T  E 

Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign for these two groundbreaking transformances. We have lined up some great perks for people donating $10, to those capable of giving as much as $3000. Click the video below to read more about this truly exciting initiative, view the campaign video, and contribute.

Your generocity is a blessing!

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This Living Wisdom Tour event is part of a series of 3 unique events in downtown Los Angeles between October 19 – 21, 2013. Click here to see the full schedule.

Initially inspired by a dream of Pir Zia Inayat-Khan's, "The Seven Pillars" are a series of perspectives that evoke the human journey through the unfolding passages of life. The pillars reveal a broad, inclusive, living wisdom that can activate our hearts, minds, and actions.

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