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Sacred Music with Yuval Ron, Sukhawat Ali Khan and Nur Habib Tiven

Saturday, May 29, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, May 29, 7:30 p.m.
Abode of the Message, New Lebanon, New York

A special evening of sacred music bringing together Hebrew and Sufi (Qawwali) musical traditions in an enchanting and trance–inducing performance.

Tickets $20 General Admission; $10 Students. It is highly recommended that tickets be purchased in advance by calling 518-794-8777 or emailing

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Yuval Ron is an award-winning composer, world-music artist (Oud), educator and peace activist. The Yuval Ron Ensemble performs the ecstatic music of the mystical Sufi traditions of Middle East and Hindu-Pakistan along with the Hebrew sacred music from Jewish Iraqi and Hassidic Jewish traditions.

A master Qawwali singer, Sukhawat Ali Khan represents the family lineage of the 600-year-old Sham Chorasi traditional school of music, which was established during the reign of Emperor Akbar of India. His training in both classical raga and Sufi Qawwali singing began at the age of seven under his father, legendary Pakistani/Indian vocalist Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.

Nur Habib Tiven is a percussionist representing the world spiritual tradition of rhythm. He has studied and performed middle-eastern, Brazillian, and jazz drumming and focuses on the unifying power of rhythm to transform and create culture.

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