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Seven Pillars Retreat

with Guiding Voices and Friends

March 30 - April 1, 2012

New Lebanon, New York

From Friday March 30th through Sunday April 1st, 2012, Seven Pillars House of Wisdom convened a group of Guiding Voices and close collaborators to participate in a Seven Pillars Retreat. This gathering was the culmination of an exploratory process which began in the Fall of 2011, set forth to explore each of the seven pillars (The Journey of Life, Universe Story, Cloud of Witnesses, Unity of Being, The Cry, What May Be and The Pledge), and flesh out the meaning, significance, creative tensions, available resources and potential programmatic and web content for each pillar.

Guiding Voices and collaborators of many ages, from around the country and beyond, attended the gathering which made for a well-rounded and rewarding conversation. Throughout the weekend, the various pillar groups presented on their pillar before opening the floor up to group discussion and critique. Many exciting content ideas were offered and seeds were planted for larger potential projects.

Staying within the tradition of Seven Pillars, the gathering left space for silence, embodied action, music and wisdom.

The fruit of this gathering will be made public beginning fall 2012. Stay tuned!


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