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The Cry Gathering - New York City

An Intimate Salon

Saturday, February 25, 2012, 8 pm

New York, New York

On Saturday evening, February 25, 2012, Seven Pillars hosted an intimate salon in New York City, as one part of a larger weekend exploration of our fifth pillar, The Cry. The attendees ranged from local young professionals and contemplatives to friends and Guiding Voices visiting from far and wide. We provided each person with this short description of the topic:

The Cry is the cry of the brokenness of the world, the cry of the wounded of war, the abused, sufferers of famine, species slipping into extinction, silent, lonely sufferers, all manner of despair, fear, terror, anxiety, loss—all the tears of the world are together a cry, a cry from the very heart of creation, rising back to the source. In the Avesta of Zarathustra this is expressed as the cry of the cow, which Zarathustra hears, and it has been the destiny of all of the great prophets to hear this cry, and to answer. So the mystic is provoked to return from the grace of pure unity back to the world in a compassionate response, to listen and bear witness. Sometimes it might mean doing only that. When nothing else can be done, just to hear the cry, to abide in the darkness and lend an ear and be present and bear witness. - Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

With just these words as a foundation to build from, the group spent 90 minutes digging deeply into this theme. Some offered practical advice or spoke of how their work related directly to responding to The Cry, while others felt called to tell their personal story, courageously baring their soul to those sitting in witness.


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