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In Celebration of Trees

J. Ruth Gendler

I am drawn to the way trees hold light and air and qualities that seem invisible, their generosity, wisdom and silent, soulful eloquence. Making art about trees—which I have done all my life but am doing with much greater focus now—inspires me to look more deeply at the world around me and also the world inside, to draw closer to nature, and find new ways to root and take nourishment from light.

Printmaking is a wonderful practice to investigate and celebrate my love of trees.  See the gallery »

Parliament of the World’s Religions 2015

Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity

Almost 10,000 people of different faiths gathered for five days in Salt Lake City, Utah to join in the spirit of fellowship and service. Three of Seven Pillars’ board members, Darakshan Farber, Halima Lefkovitz and Rabia Povich, were among the attendees.

"The range of offerings was huge—almost 1,800 people gave presentations. More than 15 faith services were offered each morning, plenary sessions with keynote speakers occurred two times a day, and over 40 workshops were offered at any given time. Participants prayed, danced, sang, chanted, meditated, dialogued, walked in silence, or just listened." ~Rabia Povich  See the gallery »


Meditation Cards by Asha Greer

In this gallery, writer and artist Asha Greer pairs paintings with words, to create a series of deep, vibrant meditation aids. These meditation aids were painted by the artist, many after meditation experiences that resulted in useful insights or refreshing states. The meditative reflections accompanying each card are offered as suggestions, but you are encouraged to explore your own experience of the cards.  See the gallery »

Paul Devereux’s Sacred Geography Series

Gallery Three: Pony Hills Shamanic Landscape

In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place.

The Chevy Blazer bucked and bounced along the dirt road leading into the desert wilderness of New Mexico northeast of Deming, near the Mexican border. My son and I were heading for an area just to the west of Cooke's Range that had been the heartland of the Mimbres people, whose culture had emerged around 250 BC and became extinct about 1,000 years ago.  See the gallery »

Sacred Seed

A Gallery of Wonder and Mystery

Essential to survival, seeds have profound spiritual implications. For centuries the planting of seed in the earth not only nourished humanity, but also symbolized the mystery of life and the journey of the soul. In our current supermarket lifestyle of pre-packaged products, far removed from the cycles of planting, we have nearly forgotten this mystery. Now as the integrity of the seed is threatened, so is its primal meaning.

Included within this gallery are photos reprinted from Sacred Seed: A Collection of Essays, compiled and edited by
 the Global Peace Initiative of Women
, with an introduction by Vandana Shiva.  See the gallery »

Introducing The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

Our "Illuminated e-Manuscript"

Introducing the groundbreaking “illuminated e-manuscript” The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom - brought to life by a distinguished group of artists, scholars, activists and explorers. The book invites the reader to embark on an inspirational journey toward a living wisdom that can deepen our insight and help us address the urgent social and ecological needs of our time.

Within, you will find a small selection of pages from the eBook, to give you a sense of the literary, visual and multimedia journey that awaits you!  See the gallery »

Paul Devereux’s Sacred Geography Series

Gallery Two: The Shamanic Landscapes of Death Valley

In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place.

One of the least-known examples of ancient sacred geography is to be found in Death Valley, California. This place is so remote and arid it is easy to understand why few people would ever guess that it harbors a shamanic cartography marked by ritual pathways, shrines, vision quest beds, and curious sinuous lines and weird patterns of rocks.  See the gallery »

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