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An Artist Explores “The Seven Pillars”

Said Osio

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  1. Introduction

    In this evocative gallery, artist Said Osio offers a visual exploration of “The Seven Pillars” process through the use of neo-sacred imaginal art.

    Osio’s gallery inaugurates a series of creative engagements with “The Seven Pillars” by talented artists.

  2. I. The Journey of Life

    All people, as different as their origins and life experiences may be, are born into the world and then, inevitability, pass from this world.We all come out of a mystery and return to a mystery. Between these poles, we move through time, we grow and mature, and this constitutes the story of one’s life. If we reflect upon that story, we can see that it has its episodes, its phases, its lessons learned, its mistakes. This pillar is an opportunity to reflect upon the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of our journey, and to see it as one among the myriad life experiences of the people of Earth, all unfolding within a universal framework.

  3. II. The Living Universe

    Here the story shifts to a more vast biography, as we explore our understanding of the whole manifest universe and the cosmologies that describe our relation to it. From the primal flaring forth and crystallization of the cosmos, spiraling into galaxies beyond number, to the formation of Earth, we enter the biological history of the planet, the layers of embodied life, the waterways, the species of flora and fauna, the features of the landscape—all orienting us to the life of our own body and particular place on the globe.

  4. III. Our Sacred Heritage

    In this pillar we contemplate the history of humanity’s awakening to the mystery that is our source. We chronicle the legacy of the prophets of the world’s great religious and indigenous traditions, extending beyond the official mythic figures to include others who also embody numinous aspects of human character.Thus we can more fully appreciate the fullness of our own potential as bearers of the sacred in our culture today.

  5. IV. The Ultimate

    Now we enter into the state of eternal oneness. There is no separation, no otherness. All that exists is experienced as part of a greater whole; everything is interconnected within an all-pervasive unity.

  6. V. The Cry

    Here we give compassionate attention to the pain, the fear, the loss and degradation that are part of the lives of so many, as well as to the distress of other species, and the whole web of life. Deep recognition is given to those struggling in need of basic amenities, or who experience violence, isolation, and alienation. The Cry invites us to recognize and respond to the suffering in life, and speaks of our hunger for a new way of being.

  7. VI. What May Be

    With this pillar we move into an individual and collective appreciation of new possibilities. In the face of adversity and the breakdown of old systems, our creative response, with both imagination and intellect engaged, arises to produce innovative ways of living and being. By aligning our vision with the quickening power that moves the universe, we discover authentic grounds for hope.

  8. VII. The Pledge

    In the last pillar one makes a solemn promise to live in the world with love and dedication. This pledge is not prescribed, and must come from the heart of the individual. One asks: “What pledge must I make to fulfill my life’s purpose, and through doing so, remember my reason for being here? What actions can I take, with integrity and beauty, to benefit all?”

  9. Meet the Artist

    Said Osio

    "My works are "remixes" or "hyper-content," that is to say a conjoining of the real and digital. Bits broken off from other works and refitted as mosaics, juxtaposed from my own experience. They express an inner, creative storytelling."


    Read Said Osio's full Artist Statement below.

    Said Osio
  10. The Seven Pillars

Said Osio Artist Statement: Neo-sacred Imaginal Art

“Writing in landscape, landscapes write in you…” - J Halifax

Creating art is a gift both given and received. These works are offered as artifacts, creations that call forth a visual ambiance of the sacred.

My works are “remixes” or “hyper-content,” that is to say a conjoining of the real and digital. Bits broken off from other works and refitted as mosaics, juxtaposed from my own experience. They express an inner, creative storytelling. Iconic graphical montages meant to induce inquiry, question identity, and investigate belonging, suffering, mortality, awakening, human connection and one’s relation to planes of hidden reality.

These works contain layers. They reveal a mystical reverence for the imaginal, that realm of the creative imagination I characterize as the creative commons sans borders.  This magical place is a collective of image formation without ownership or restriction, an open range of imagery — fenceless grazing landscapes of rare aesthetic beauty.

My Hispanic, colonial, Catholic upbringing as well as my interest in the passion and suffering in religious iconography should be evident in these images. 

Authorship Many and One,
Said Osio

Said Osio is an artist, senior teacher, and retreat guide trained in imagery and alchemy. The late Pir Vilayat Khan, Osio's teacher for more than 30 years, had a strong creative influence on his "inner imaginal" body of work. For Osio, performance and ritual become the building blocks, metaphors, montages, songs, visual landscapes, and stories for the expression of creative intelligence. Said Osio's work grows out of a lifelong encounter with iconic art, using found objects and images across cultures and spiritual traditions. He founded Nadazul, a guided imagery collective, and has been a creativity and strategy consultant for design professionals. Osio currently works at the intersection of creativity and the healing healthcare profession, incorporating visual language and storytelling, healing, spirit mind-body connection and integrative medicine.

Read more about Said Osio

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  • I want to give a special thanks to Shams for mentioning Laurie and his new vision and to Darakshan for creating a team of creatives.

    Social media and image seem to be at a new intersection and can be a vessel in spreading our message of Beauty and Harmony, which stem from the love for the Beloved!

    — Said on April 16, 2013

  • Beautiful!

    — Anat on April 16, 2013

  • Dear Said,
    Your images are beautiful and the words that go with each image equally important. Thank you for this sharing.

    — Basira Dellemonico on April 18, 2013

  • inspiring core art ! heart thanks.

    — sushila on May 6, 2013

  • Breathtaking visuals and evocative words.

    — Sandy on May 21, 2013

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