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Seven Pillars’ Mission Statement

Seven Pillars is dedicated to the fostering of beauty and depth in human culture. We seek to cultivate awareness of the unity of existence and the qualities of heart that naturally arise from this awareness: nobility of character, genuine civility, and creative optimism.

Seven Pillars maintains four primary areas of focus:

Cosmology: Pursuit of a re-enchanted scientific worldview that reconciles rational inquiry with the wisdom of the soul.

Revelation: Study of the prophetic message of the world’s great spiritual traditions, and gleaning of the essential contemporary guidance of this message.

Mysticism: Awakening of latent faculties of perception through disciplines of concentration, contemplation, prayer and meditation.

Chivalry: Nurturance of a deepened conscience and advancement of an enlightened activism.

Seven Pillars organizes dialogues, media, courses and events related to these themes, with the purpose of enhancing the ability of individuals to actively participate in the flowering of a world civilization grounded in the awareness of the unity of existence.


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