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The heroes and heroines of the past are remembered for the exceptional ideals they personify, ideals that are essentially universal. In legend and history alike, heroism reveals itself in acts of pure love, compassion, self-sacrifice, discipline, loyalty, generosity and service to all.

The name of the heroic path, chivalry, carries the connotations of valor, prowess, strength of character and fortitude in adversity. But the defining feature of chivalry is an outlook on the world that is free of bias and enmity. It is said that the true hero or heroine on the path of spiritual chivalry is “the one who has no enemy.”

Drawing inspiration from heroes past and present, Seven Pillars seeks to revive these timeless virtues and foster their application to the challenges of our time under the banner of “peace with all.” Where does the modern heroic quest lead, what forces must today’s hero or heroine contend with, and what mode of enlightened action promises success?

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