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Cosmology is vast, cosmology is intimate. It encompasses relations within the cosmos from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic, and all in between. It helps make sense of our life, our planet, our galaxy and our inner and outer world.

At Seven Pillars, cosmology is viewed as an encompassing perspective for understanding the universe, rather than a body of knowledge to be mastered. This approach requires a mind open to, and open as, all outdoors, able to pore over news of the universe with a willing suspension of belief and of disbelief. So inquisitiveness and discernment are essential tools: the wonder of a child combined with the rigor of a researcher and the rapture of a mystic.

Here cosmology is taken to embrace physical and metaphysical descriptions of the origin of the universe, as well as our evolving grasp of its current state. It includes many ways of modeling, comprehending and explaining the universe, all rooted in human cultures of different times and places: Earth wisdom traditions, ecology, the world soul, and related natural philosophies and sciences.

The Cosmology track of Seven Pillars will investigate the complementary nature of science and spirituality, with an emphasis on re-conceiving and experiencing afresh our place within space, time, and the living field of being. It’s a great big universe—let’s go far out there, and deep inside, and explore it.

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