The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

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Seven Pillars


These exploratory processes give tangible form to the practice of applied wisdom. They provide essential tools for aligning inner change with outer action as we respond to the urgent needs of our time. By expanding our awareness, these approaches reveal new insights, foster transformative values, and offer ways to discover a deeper relation to the sacred. Seven Pillars promotes these Pathways through our website, publications, workshops, and special events, as well as internally within our organization.

T  H  R  E  E    P  A  T  H  W  A  Y  S


Heart-Centered Conversation :: What appears on the surface as the ordinary activity of conversation is in its depths a mysterious phenomenon of encounter. Listening and speaking while centered in the heart opens us to new levels of awareness of each other and of the world that invite wisdom to emerge.

Heart-centered conversation is a way of engaging with one another openly and attentively to deepen our sense of connection and understanding. Giving the heart a central place in the process evokes the core values of sincerity, empathy, and non-judgment. This in turn enhances our capacity for presence, curiosity, and recognition of others. This form of conversation honors the reality that each one of us holds a store of wisdom informed by the rich harvest of our life experiences. It fosters creative spontaneity and the joy of discovery as emerging ideas and inspirations arise. Thus we can plumb new depths, realize surprising insights, and view each other in fresh ways through the encounter.


Sensing Presence :: The wisdom inherent in the place where we find ourselves—the cosmos, the earth beneath our feet, our body and its sensations, the matrix of culture and ecology—is continually informing us if only we look and listen.

Many of us experience a longing, if not a call, to embody wisdom in our lives. As our experience of the world becomes increasingly mediated by virtual realities, cultivating our rootedness through physical sensation and location becomes all the more vital. Grounding ourselves in the landscape of the body and our somatic experience of the immediate environment brings us home to ourselves in unique and telling ways. The body—through the senses, breath, and movement—is our primary connection to the living world, a portal to the planet itself. And our awareness of place can lead us to deeper sense of presence as we more fully experience and inhabit it. As we discover more about our geological, biological, and cultural heritage, our appreciation of the interwoven life of which we are a part is enriched, and we become more inclined toward its humane stewardship.


Creative Expression :: Recognizing and tapping into the deep well of creative imagination within each of us allows us to activate our unique gifts, and to become powerful voices for emerging wisdom and genuine change.

Living one’s life is the ultimate creative act. Each weaves its own narrative, interconnected with others, through the journey of life. In this sense we are all artists. The realm of imagination within needs only our invitation to open. So creativity is an act of expressing that spark within us that desires to come forth and be known. Once we sense this “call of love,” we must respond, for life itself is giving birth through us. This living current of creativity brings us into solidarity with the world, and into service of all creation, where living with integrity and beauty touches and transforms people’s hearts, minds, and actions. By engaging in our own creativity we become both an active participant in our own formation, and a conduit for conceiving a new world.

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