The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

A multimedia e-book exploration of the Seven Pillars process

CD: The Seven Pillars Soundscape

Music and meditations to take you on the Seven Pillars Journey

Seven Pillars

Lama Palden

Lama Palden was authorized as a lama in 1986 by her root teacher, Khabje Kalu Rinpoche, and has been a student and practitioner of Buddhism for over 30 years, and of Comparative Mysticism for over 35 years. She is the founding teacher of Sukhasiddhi Foundation in Marin County. Lama Palden has a deep interest in helping to make the teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism accessible and practical for Westerners, as well as in actualizing the deep feminine wisdom. Also a licensed therapist, she is engaged in facilitating psycho-spiritual integration and development through bringing together understandings and methods from Buddhism and the Diamond Heart work. &

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