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William Irwin Thompson

Lucifer first indicted God
for the crime of Creation;
that is what the War in Heaven
was really all about, not Christ
and Lucifer's envy of him
as Dissenting Milton would have
us believe in Paradise Lost.
Lucifer claimed that Creation
was an ego trip completely
without compassion for others,
for their infinite suffering
as time-tortured lives worked toward
some slow and ponderous final good.
(You can see why Lucifer still
is the patron saint of lawyers.)
The angels having just endured
a series of universes
from Big Bang to Lights Out! were tired
of singing Hosannas of praise,
and leaned forward, listening hard
to the argument that Nothing
was the natural state of things.
Why should there be something instead
of the pure equilibrium
of an absolute timeless void?
The first universe ran on rails,
so completely predictable
that even God got bored before
it went blandly dark entropic.
Now He had an idea of
an opposition of free will
and physical laws struggling
in love and hate to an unknown
end that not even He could know.
The angels could take on bodies
of galaxies, angels of dark
could become black holes with the goal
to see whether the stark outrage
of existing things could win out
over a perfect timeless peace.
The majority of angels
were with God for raw existence,
but in losing, Lucifer vowed
to show them what suffering was
really like in crashed galaxies
and carefully tortured children.
It is now half-time in the game.
With home-advantage, the demons
are winning and weak humans are
called in to substitute for beasts.

William Irwin Thompson is a poet and cultural philosopher who has made significant contributions to cultural history, social criticism, the philosophy of science, and the study of myth. Early in his career he left academia to found Lindisfarne, an association of creative individuals in the arts, sciences, and contemplative practices devoted to the study and realization of a new planetary consciousness, or noosphere. Thompson lived in Switzerland for 17 years and describes his most recent work, Canticum Turicum, as “a long poem on Western Civilization, that begins with folktales and traces of Charlemagne in Zurich and ends with the completion of Western Civilization as expressed in Finnegans Wake and the traces of James Joyce in Zurich.” With mathematician Ralph Abraham he has designed a new type of cultural history curriculum based on their theories about the evolution of consciousness. Thompson now lives in Portland, Maine.

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27 April 2010

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