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Since Seven Pillars’ founding in 2007 we have hosted many special guests and offered over 25 public programs. A sampling of audio from our programs is shared below, with new audio to be added over the coming months. We want to make all that we do available to you, no matter where you are located, so there is a feeling of connectedness even if geography gives the illusion of separation. We hope you enjoy!


Bisan Toron on the Dimensions of Voice

February 07, 2012: Vocalist, Bisan Toron, in her very unique style, brings us into the experience of our own voice. From Seven Pillars’ Vanishing Art: An Intimate… more...


Robert Kelly & Charlotte Mandell Readings

February 07, 2012: Robert Kelly and Charlotte Mandell, distinguished guests participating in Seven Pillars’ Vanishing Art event, offer two readings. Robert reads from his own work on Vanishing… more...


Yuval Ron Workshop on the Affects of Sound

February 07, 2012: Yuval Ron, the very accomplished musician, composer and producer, leads us through a series of exercises on the affects of sound. From Seven Pillars’… more...


Yuval Ron Opening Night Performance

February 07, 2012: Please enjoy this free gift, a special performance featuring Yuval Ron, Bisan Toron and Nur Habib Tiven from the opening night of Vanishing Art: An… more...


Christopher Bamford on Vanishing Art

February 06, 2012: Please enjoy this free audio! Christopher Bamford orients us to the theme “vanishing art” during the opening evening of our event, Vanishing Art: An Intimate… more...


Pir Zia Inayat-Khan on Agency and Beauty

December 01, 2011: Seven Pillars offers you this free gift from our Vanishing Art Festival held last August. As the wind and rains of Hurricane Irene were upon… more...


The Promise of Judaism

June 13, 2011: What wisdom message does Judaism have to offer to the larger world community? We posed this question to Jewish leaders as well as audience members… more...


Spiritual Dimensions of War, Wounding and Healing

June 13, 2011: For as long as societies have had warriors, they have experienced the wounding to mind, body, heart and soul that we now call Post-traumatic Stress… more...


Spiritual Chivalry

June 13, 2011: The evening of Friday, December 4, 2009, over 150 people came together at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. to be part of this talk by… more...


Finding Happiness to Finding God

June 13, 2011: Seven Pillars welcomed special guest Eric Weiner for an evening of heartful conversation. Eric is a former foreign correspondent for National Public Radio and bestselling… more...

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