The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

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CD: The Seven Pillars Soundscape

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After five years of exploratory gatherings that involved diverse members of the Seven Pillars’ community, the publishing of poignant and probing articles by our thought leadership, and much collaborative work between our Staff, Board, Wisdom Council, and other guiding voices, Seven Pillars recently celebrated a pivotal moment in our evolution with the unveiling of “The Seven Pillars.”

Establishing the foundational architecture for our “house’s” work, The Seven Pillars invites each person to undertake an exploration, individually and collectively, of The Seven Pillars’ process. This journey through The Seven Pillars illuminates the unfolding experiences of life and facilitates the emergence of a living wisdom that can help us address the urgent social and ecological needs of our time, with integrity and beauty.

In 2013, Seven Pillars House of Wisdom embarked on a new series of programs founded upon The Seven Pillars that are designed to embrace both “in the world” and virtual learning opportunities, while supporting and enhancing each individual’s journey toward a heart-centered citizenship of the sacred.


T  H  E    S  E  V  E  N    P  I  L  L  A  R  S  :   
J  O  U  R  N  E  Y    T  O  W  A  R  D    W  I  S  D  O  M    e  B  O  O  K

The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom eBook takes inspiration from the illuminated manuscript, a revolutionary media form first developed in the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. that merged the written word and visual image in order to heighten and provide added dimensions to a reader’s experience. Over the centuries, the illuminated manuscript became a preferred vehicle for books with religious and spiritual content, capable of stimulating different parts of the reader’s brain and consciousness in their engagement with the sacred.

In recent years, breakthrough technological advances have generated an opportunity to create an illuminated e-manuscript that adds further dimensionality to the reading/viewing experience by combining word and still image with video and computer-generated animation graphics. This new media platform has been described as “multi-touch,” and Seven Pillars’ new eBook Series seeks to optimize the opportunities offered by the multi-touch platform to enrich and enliven an individual’s exploration of “The Seven Pillars’” process as well as our “Pathways.” 

Learn more about our revolutionary multi-touch eBook, here.


W  I  S  D  O  M    W  E  E  K  E  N  D  S    &    S  A  L  O  N  S

Seven Pillars holds regular weekend and evening programs throughout the year at its offices and the beautiful conference facility of the neighboring Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, New York. Each of these programs explores one or more aspects of The Seven Pillars Process and uses our Pathways — Heart-Centered Conversation, Sensing Presence and Creative Expression — as tools for exploration. Visit our calendar for more information and/or to register for upcoming programs.

Past Wisdom Weekends & Evenings
Healing the Wounds of the Soul w/Ed Tick & Robin Becker – November, 2014
Exploring Pillar Two: The Living Universe w/Sister Miriam MacGillis – January, 2014
An Artistic & Heart-Centered Exploration of “The Seven Pillars” – July, 2013

Image Credit: SOI Toronto Centre


L  I  V  I  N  G    W  I  S  D  O  M    T  O  U  R

The Living Wisdom Tour is a multidimensional and experiential program, presenting a wide variety of innovative offerings, from dialogues and salons to transformances, transformational performances that explore wisdom through music, imagery and performance. Each Tour stop uses a range of formats to explore “The Seven Pillars” as a process of transformation and discovery, both individually and collectively. Our Pathways — Heart-Centered Conversation, Sensing Presence and Creative Expression — are employed as tools to access and navigate through the Pillars, as well as deepen the exploration.

Past Tour Stops
Pillars of Sophia: A Benefit Concert (New York City, NY) – January, 2013
Three Seven Pillars Experiences (Los Angeles, CA) – October, 2013


W  E  B    P  R  E  S  E  N  C  E

Over the coming months, Seven Pillars will unveil a series of upgrades to our website, which will offer expanded publishing and social networking capabilities. All of our media initiatives will be designed to strengthen and grow our web community, with an emphasis on creative expression and interactivity.

The first of this series of enhancements is a new gallery feature that aids and enriches our collaborations with a growing community of talented visual artists. Visit the Gallery page here.

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