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For the Love of All Created by Thee

Within, you will find a short video from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee telling the story of a miraculous gift of a prayer found in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Sacred Geography Gallery Series

GALLERY THREE: PONY HILLS SHAMANIC LANDSCAPE :: In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place. (Image: Paul Devereux.)

Song of Creation

The drive to express ourselves, to create in the world, is an innate need like beauty, love, and the search for truth. It seems almost biological, like the need for food and water. In the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, deprived of nearly every- thing, many prisoners composed songs, wrote poetry, and even found ways to paint. A concentration camp survivor himself, Victor Frankl suggested that these were meaning-making activities but ones that were not so much consciously planned as spontaneous outpourings from that deep current, that creative impulse.

Exploring Pillar Two: The Living Universe

On Tuesday, January 14th, Seven Pillars, in partnership with the Sufi Order International, hosted a special screening of the award-winning documentary, Journey of the Universe, followed by a conversation between Guiding Voice and guest Sister Miriam MacGillis & Seven Pillars’ Founder and Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat-Khan.           

Sacred Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving! Are there two words more welcoming and heartfelt? In this edition, we take a look at what really lies at the core of this holiday with an exceprt from “Bless this Food: Ancient & Contemporary Graces from Around the World,” a gallery of recipes from “Grould Farm Cookbook & Recipes: A Hundred Years of Good Food” and an article by Robert Karp titled “Agriculture and the Sacred.” We would also like to invite you to Seven Pillars Holiday Open House!


In this exclusive interview with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, the Co-Director, Co-Producer and Co-Composer of the documentary Elemental, we explore the persistence of hope and other questions relating to the creation, filming and mission of the film.

The Practice of Presence, Part Two

The mystery of the human experience is inseparable from our capacity to recognize the multiple fields of awareness that infuse our day-to-day consciousness. This flow of consciousness is the experiential ground of Being and Spirit, and as such this flow is the participatory medium through which our capacity to be “a light unto the world” is actualized.

The Practice of Presence, Part One

The practice of presence is no easy task and, spiritually, it is perhaps the most elusive of all practices. Imagine for a moment being fully present to yourself and to your situation. That is, imagine being fully aware of all that passes through and within you and also simultaneously aware of all that impacts you from the surrounding environment—people,  places, atmosphere, sensory sensations, integrated with inner thoughts,  feelings, memories, and bodily reactions.

Magical Mindscapes

Sacred geography is where land and mind meet. Ancient and traditional peoples have found many different ways to invest their home territories with mythological or spiritual meaning. Such geographies could be small and intimate or cover large tracts of ground; they could be natural or constructed, or a combination of both. 

The Living Universe

Exploring the nature of the universe and the Earth, and our vital relation to them.

The Green Man

Almost every single medieval church has tucked away somewhere—or fully displayed—an image of a face popularly known as “the Green Man.” His face is covered with foliage, often oak leaves. Many eighteenth-century gravestones in the Scottish Lowlands also bear his image. What does he symbolize? John Matthews describes him as “the spirit of nature . . . an ancient symbol of nature and fertility.” Matthews finds the Green Man in the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the figures of Attis, Adonis, Tammuz, Odin, Osiris, the King of the Wood, the May King, the Harvest King, the Green Giant and Tolkien’s Treebeard.

Conversations with Remarkable Minds: Dr. Piero Ferrucci

Today we’re going to continue our Conversations With Remarkable Minds series with Dr. Piero Ferrucci, a psychologist and philosopher who today is one of Europe’s leading intellectuals in spiritual psychology. We’re going to talk about beauty and the soul, and the role of beauty in intelligence, health, creativity, social action and spiritual awakening.

Sacred Earth: A Global Cosmology for our Time III

Part 3: Institutions, Planetary Rights, Mystical Economics

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