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*UPDATED:* Introducing the “Illuminated e-Manuscript!”

Over the past year, Seven Pillars has been working on a major new project: *A Groundbreaking Multimedia Electronic Book!* Inspired by the revolutionary illuminated manuscripts of the 5th and 6th centuries, this cutting edge, “multi-touch” eBook not only combines text and image, but also music, video and graphic animation. We are excited to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign that seeks to raise $15,000 in 45 days. We need your support to bring this extraordinary book into the world!

Our “Something Extra”

Spring has nearly sprung here in New Lebanon, New York. It is a time of year when we awaken to the blossoming of new life. It also offers an opportunity to take a fresh look at the challenges we face on the path ahead. Often, when one begins to experience the aural tingling of migratory birdsong, the visual enticement of budding greens, and the caress of sunlight infused with first warmth along the nape of the neck,  it can be jarring, indeed despairing, to be reminded of life’s requisite loss and pain. Its unbearable lightness of being.

The Pledge

Resolving to take meaningful action on behalf of all.

What May Be

Responding with mind and heart to the call of the future.

The Cry

Opening to the suffering of the world in all its forms.

The Great Mystery

Awakening to the numinous nature of reality.

Our Sacred Heritage

Contemplating the rich record of the human encounter with the divine.

The Living Universe

Exploring the nature of the universe and the Earth, and our vital relation to them.

The Journey of Life

Reflecting upon the shared contours of the human experience.

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