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The Etherealization of Capitalism

Cross-cultural trade is as old as the hills. In Neolithic Chatalhoyuk in ancient Anatolia, we find cowrie shells from Jericho, and in Jericho we find obsidian from Anatolia. A by-product of such trade in objects is an exchange of words, ideas, animals, even humans, both male and female.  Human intelligence grows as the gene pool grows larger, as the complex system of human culture moves from band to tribe to clan to town to city.

Seeing Things

As we know from parables and fairy-tales, whatever is least regarded often turns out to be the most important thing. In the quest for reality, whether that of monotheistic religions or atheistic science,  one of the main casualties has been those entities or principles which the Greeks called daimons. This is the more surprising because there is no culture which does not, or has not at one time, recognized and revered daimons; and I would like to suggest that by ignoring, even reviling, them we violate reality and deprive ourselves of its fullness.

Interspirituality:  Tools for Exploration

Brother Wayne Teasdale dedicated his life to establishing the connection that he defined as  “interspirituality.” As he writes here, he saw true faith as both inner and outer transformation, one feeding the other in an eternal cycle. 

The Garden Of Mysticism, Part I

The garden of mystical teachings has many flowers, each unique in beauty and each offering a nuance and variation on the possibilities of the mystical life. The flower that attracts, the specific form, delicacy, and brilliance of a particular blossom, indicates a path whose attributes are shared by other members of that species.

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